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Hey Love

Updated on April 10, 2010

Hey Love

whats up today?

I've missed you

my soul missed its other half

missed how it made it smile

and feel warm inside,

my senses missed the heat that your

gaze gives it everytime you are near

Hey Love

what are you doing today

can i be with you all day ?

Don't wanna miss a second by your

side , don't wanna miss that smile

that brightens up all my darkness

the smile that makes me loose all

direction when you give to me

Hey Love

I am so happy so see you

so happy to be with you

so happy to be a part of you

so happy to be in love with you

Hey Love

Did you know your the one that

completes me, the one that makes

me be me all the time everyday,

My love did you know

that when your not here

i feel apart and alone

there isnt anyone that can do what you do

to me

Hey Love

my love my life

you are so the one for me

my soul laughs and my heart smiles

when you are with me

Hey Love

I can't deny how much I love

you, everyone can see it , in my smile

in my walk, my skin shines

my eyes twinkle

Hey Love

just wanted you to know how much

i love being in love with

You !!!!!


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    • SeenButNotHeard profile image

      SeenButNotHeard 7 years ago from Michigan

      Awwwe :D so cute

    • MyValentine profile image

      MyValentine 7 years ago

      Love is a good feeling and I hope yours lasts forever!