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Hey Politician, Shut Your Mouth!

Updated on November 26, 2012

Hey Politician, Shut your Mouth!

You wouldn’t say half that crap, if you were down South.

Another Photo op, Another Crazy Law,

You beat out my brains…like all I ever saw!

The real troubles brewing, while in your boots-you’re quaking!

Don’t you have anymore hands that you ought to be shaking?

The political, neanderthal wheel,

Ain’t missing a spoke, in you, I feel.

Another dummy to nod his head “yes”,

Who gets elected thinking they know what’s best.

Then turns out to be like all the rest,

The first time they are put to the test!

I am so tired of having to bite my lip,

I’m ready to hand each and every one of you a pink slip!

Get Out! You’re Done! Your Job is through!

Quick…While there’s still something left to fix after you!

I swear to myself...and not to the Lord,

I never thought someone could utter such a word!

Have you heard the song by Alan Jackson ?

“What we need is a lot less talk, and a lot more action!”

You can whine, and you can blame,

But in the end the agenda still stays the same.

And if you think you are so powerful, that you can just drop a name,

I got a few to drop on you of Presidential fame,

So go ahead…and whip up some more of your political magic spell,

You can take all your “mumbo-jumbo” with you, and go straight to Hell!

We need heart and we need a vision!

That’s just how it works when you’re on a mission!

Believe you me, if we don’t think we have one, well just trust…

Your local anti-American terrorists will be happy to start one just for us!

So go ahead...and plan your foreign meetings and forget the national forum,

Continue to worry about how everyone else on the planet feels, why break decorum?

But don’t wonder why there’s a fire burning, as you look out your Oval office,

Want to see why there’s a problem, you’re exactly what the mess is!

Now I know that I may sound mean, and you probably think I’m filthy nasty. (*)

But I’m a Citizen, so control your elitism, and don’t be so hasty.

I helped put you in that Office…I can help make sure you get out!

Having your name plaque on the door is not what our government is all about.

We can easily replace you, of that I have no doubt.

I’m waiting for you to clean up this mess…don’t make me have to shout!

I know keeping track of the budget and all, can’t be that easy,

But most of the stuff you do with all of our money…is pretty sleazy.

And yeah…with all I'm saying I guarantee you…I don’t want the job!

But maybe…that’s the answer…let’s advocate some poor slob!

He would show up like a 9 to 5er, and put his nose to the proverbial grinding wheel,

And not someone…who wants to say a few words...then make a book deal!

He would hang out at the cooler, sharpen lots of pencils, basically, lack a lot of zeal…

I know he wouldn’t do any worse than you…That’s exactly how I feel!

And then when day is over, he would quietly punch his time card in the clock,

And not worry of Foreign Dignitary Banquets or if his next campaign is a lock!

He would rush home to TV…kid’s homework…and his wife’s dinner,

Not part of the elite “jet-set” mover and shakers, who are far from being demure.

He saves his handshakes for Sunday mornings…and good buddies on-the-job,

Yeah…a normal 9 to 5er…you know…one of us…a poor slob!

Then watch the increase he will make in useful productivity…

Because when he makes a law or decision there’s one thing he will clearly see!

That he is not so way above it…finding programs for the masses to “eat cake” for free,

He thinks as part of the middle classes, He thinks, “Hey…what I do affects me!”

So there you have it....a nickels worth of advice during high inflation,

We need a regular guy (or woman) running every aspect of our nation.

I’m not trying to start a brand new revolution,

So tell me…what do you think of my solution?

Go ahead then…you “Blue-Blood” Snobbist,

Sell us out…and “Kiss-up” to all the Lobbyist.

I proclaim your time is ending!

Do you get the message I am sending?

There will come a day or an hour,

When you will find yourself booted out of power!

And listen then to one beneath you,

Back to your own personal corporation…is what I bequeath you!

And then watch us find a new and better way,

In what the average guy has got to say.


(*) Filthy nasty = In 2007, Someone in the media or on the political spectrum…(Not sure exactly who? Don’t make me have to research and start naming names…!) Advised another person to make sure that they had all their shots and inoculations before heading down South to a NASCAR Race.

 Copyright © 2009

Senator Blutarsky
Senator Blutarsky


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