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Poetry: Chapters of a Life In Progress

Updated on June 23, 2017
Cepi Corpus profile image

Job is a man who traverses reality in an ever present sojourn, seeking the elusive horizon of the highest expression of his creative self.

Chapter I: Perusing the Shores of Awareness

I find self in perpetual motion

Drowning in a sea of expectation

Drip by drop to a shallow stop

Suffocating in an ocean of commotion

I find soul in need of revival

Wasting away craving an uprisal

Slip by a sliver of deliverance

Crawling by the gates of appraisal

I find spirit in a senior home

Wondering with a heart of stone

Flip and flop close by the weary top

Communing in Rome all alone

I find peace in constant turmoil

Wallowing under a sky of spoil

In and out of the narrow route

Ploughing in toil over the crimson soil

Chapter II: Meeting the Warden of the Sands

Drift hither, Drift thither

Before the roots they wither

Before the green turns yellow

And the burn fades into mellow

Wherefore the seed beareth no fruit

Run clear cross the meadow

Or delve into the heart of the shadow

Settle but into the soul of dispute

Warden, won't you let me out to play?

Spent I the day in ill repute

Setteth the sun upon my dismay

Let me in dusk have my say

Clear forth the way

For the bars melt not upon my clutch

Nay, not evermore...

Chapter III: Stepping into an Awakening

i come not with silver and gold

Nothing but these stories of old

I offer nothing more

Than what lies beyond the door

So take a step, no take two

The ones that do are but a few

And if you find self wanting

And soul at seams unravelling

Fret not and give not in to the fear

While the pinnacle happened by so near

So take a step, no take three

And free yourself from the lock and key

So take a step, no take four

I ask for nothing more

Unlock the door

Mighty wings soar..

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