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Hideous Half Shelf Life At The Library

Updated on March 19, 2015

Dear Friends,

Well it was a long lasting bummer, like bubble gum that lost its flavor that you can't spit out, but it wasn't the library's fault. I had a book past due and I could not find it. I knew it was here in my apartment somewhere among my books. But exactly where I had no idea, and I have tons of books , mostly on Copywriting and Marketing , if you're curious, but I sure did not want to go through them all to find that one book....but there was no other way.

The library suspended my services until I returned or paid for the book, so through the pile I went, several times over many months. No library services for I bet six months by then. But a month or so ago I found it....I hate myself....It was sitting in plain view on the corner of my tall dresser drawer in my bedroom, forgotten, like an old daydream...

I thought the book I sought for had a light gray cover but the book I saw often on the dresser has a dark brown cover so I left it untouched. The library book in question is a very old book and I thought the ancient looking book on the dresser was my antiquarian copy of How To Build A Telescope that I bought because I could not find a new version. I bought it for the info, not for the value of a very old book in good condition.

Suddenly I got curious again about how to build a telescope and picked it up. I was shocked! It was the book the library wanted back....not the telescope book....scheese! How many months without library services and it was there in plain sight. A week ago my friend, Sue, took it back to the library with her and now my services are active again.


P.S. Like they sometimes say,"There's more to the picture than meets the eye"....sometimes there is.... sometimes there isn't....ha,ha, ha!


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