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High Energy What A Feeling !

Updated on December 17, 2010

Bring It On

I am finding others who are motivated like me

I am tapping into their minds as they read this

Unconsciously I am able to zap into their own power and turn their idle thoughts into a resource we can both share

They might feel a little light headed but soon they will be back where they were earlier today

I just was able to borrow not steal a few ideas they were not going to put to good use

They just discarded them like that extra plastic from a c.d. package

You can't wait to throw it away and it is completely useless

Except to me

I see a whole world of empty plastic packages and I am going to melt them down

Soon I will have the largest plastic clown

That can stand out in all kinds of weather

It will not crack since it will have reinforced plastic with what of course

More plastic the strongest you have ever seen

So don't throw away those c.d. clear plastic packages give them to me

When people know they have taken the music they wanted out

I am not sure about that I think the music has left an impression and can't be erased clean

As I gather up my energy and look on to my next thought

I have dusted off the ideas you have had since you were so young

But you did nothing with them

Not enough time

Not enough energy

But now you work two jobs and maybe another one part time soon

You spread yourself so thin if you where crackers you only be crumbs left on someones bed

That is the only way you are going to get any rest

Since you have had three children and another one on the way

Dreams are for suckers

Who suck the juice out of the lemon and eat the rest then only leave the skin

You have had your chance time after time

Even though you said the time wasn't right

You would grab the next train

Did you know the fair went up

The next train will be delayed an hour or two

Problems on the tracks

They are doing neccessary repairs and keep updating all the time

You will have to wait

You have decided your fate

Let others move on and they will always wave hi

As they drive by in a smart car and use technology to take them where they are going

The door is never closed but when you shut your eyes it is only up to you to see

The dreams that you believe in

No time like the present

Isn't it time you gave yourself the best Christmas ever

Your present is sitting under your tree for you to open

Go ahead everyone else has opened theirs

I see a smile even over this long distance that separates us

I have to give back your old ideas since you have decided to put them to good use

I only want the ones left all alone

So I can give them a new home

One where they are free to roam


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