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"High On You": The feeling one has when the connection is so strong it feels like a drug.

Updated on September 12, 2016

The story of our lives, half full of heart, half full of lies, but every day I can't wait to look into your eyes.

Everything now I pray is true.

Everything now never seemed so new.
All I know is that I get high on you.

Wounds never truly healed, we never seem to yield our love.

Looking around, looking above, all I need is to look forward at you.

All I know is that I get high on you.

The smell of your hair, the look in your eyes, knowing that it's not stupidity that tries.

It's the taste of our tears when we've both revealed our true selves.

All of our memories put on shelves to forgive the past, but to never forget and make us last forever.

The future only looks better than the past when we had no clue.

All I know is that I get high on you.

So many intrusions can't break us apart.

We're so lucky to get a fresh start.

You weren't the one who wanted to be apart, it was only me who couldn't finish what I start.

Never again will I be lead astray from you, betray you or lie to you.

All I know is that I get high on you.

My flower, my love, my girl that I won't let out of my sight even through the darkest night.

I will never again feel that fright.

I will always find my flower of the night no matter how dark it may seem.

I will always find you even if I have to walk infinite moonlight miles.
If only for a brief moment to see you smile, I'll stand trial in the middle of the city and never look for your pity.
I will face humility in the days so bright or blue because my girl I get high on you.


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