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Higher Education: Ghanaian Style

Updated on July 2, 2016

He is neither here nor there

He is everywhere and yet, nowhere

Just another ant in the great anthill

Soon, he will be kicked off the force

Trained to pass the book

Untrained to pass the world

Soon, he will be kicked off the force

And still cannot answer, “plans?”

He knows for the immediate

(I promise on my honour with a scowl

To be almost faithful and loyal to my motherland…)

He will come back as Aristotle’s pet

Or to a place without rain or shine

To train the miserable larvae

To become miserable ants

Or to join the chorus “yes boss”

Or to scamper up the torched lady with the spiked hat

To take a swap at the American nightmare

Washing washed bowels

Drinking helplessly from the bowl

Seed of Nkrumah, hunchbacked

Would your hunch were fronted

That you will stand with some dignity

But soon, soon, he will be kicked off the force

And still cannot answer, “plans?”

Three big anthills, smaller ones

Training ants to eat the eggs and the red soil

Higher education-Ghanaian style


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