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Highlights of a Beast In the Darkness

Updated on April 10, 2012

A Hero of Innocence

A beautiful warrior that has been ridden into battles without its knowledge.
A beautiful warrior that has been ridden into battles without its knowledge. | Source

Casting of Light on a White Horse Without A Prince

Perplexed, by the darkness that surrounds a hero
Beautiful warrior that was ridden into battles, clueless
He posed in the darkness for me
Hints of blue light, straddled his symmetrically shaped body
White and stone like, with saddle

More than ten feet high, you looked downward and allowed me to shoot
He posed graciously with a look of confusion
Camera moved in for a closeup
He smiled with a smirk, playfully
Darkness surrounded this beast, yet light did not forget him

Turned to the side, with ears at a stance
Can you hear my thoughts?
You have always been there for mankind
Whether during war when you died side by side
Or a joy ride where you galloped ambitiously

Darkness, does surround you
Still a thing of daunting beauty
Visceral, in your thoughts as to how you were treated
Understanding man's shortcomings
Are you a warhorse or a thing of statuesque solace

You have my admiration
Whether a smirk or smile
Not abandoned or betrayed
My apparition within the darkness
Colossal, as my lens and the light captured you forever.


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    • cavallo profile image

      cavallo 6 years ago from Newmarket,UK

      My best friend.