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Hillary HiDoo

Updated on August 18, 2010
Hillary HiDoo, rickzimmerman 2010
Hillary HiDoo, rickzimmerman 2010

Let’s put our hands together for lovely local lass, Hillary HiDoo, she of the beauty mark and bee-stung lips and bulging bodice! See how she’s perfected that insouciant hip-thrust! Marvel at the dreamily exposed thighs! Note how her careless hand-on-hip just screams, “I couldn’t care less about whatever is under these spotlights! Look at me!”

Hillary has been making quite a name for herself lately on the traveling circuit of the Professional Product Presenters Program®, hosted by Big Tatas Sell Anything, Inc. of Orange County, CA. (I’m sure you’ve seen their ads running 4:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. Sundays on local access cable channel 14.)

You probably remember Hilary for all her great work in making marginal products seem tremendously appealing, not only with New Stuf®, but also with Improved Glopp®, Enhanced Dreckke®, Ole Krappf®, Udder Junque®, and many other dependable consumer products.

This will, unfortunately, be Hillary’s last appearance before us — her adoring crowd — at The Grand Hall of Concoctions, for she’ll soon be embarking on a promising future in the sale of time-share vacation villas in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, and in her upcoming nuptials with Mr. Geralamo ‘Guido’ Tanucci of the renowned Bayonne Tanuccis (and of the black TransAm with hood scoop and spinners parked outside).  


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