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Hiring a Ghost Writer Doesn't Have to be Scary

Updated on August 26, 2015
hiring a ghostwriter has advantages and disadvantages.
hiring a ghostwriter has advantages and disadvantages. | Source

This is a great instructional manual on ghostwriting books for other authors

Hiring a ghostwriter is a career move countless freelance writers consider. In fact, depending on the writer's genre or niche this is a move already made is lots of cases. Whether hiring one or deciding to become a professional one, there are a number things to know.

These are a couple of things to keep in mind which make the job of getting one easier.

Hiring-when considering employing him/her have an interview. This is okay online and works much like any other form. During this time ask for samples of personal work. This is a business venture that has your name attached to it. You must be able to trust them with content quality up to your standards

Rights to your work-make certain you and your employee or ghostwriter understand all content created and published belongs to you. It cannot be reprinted or sold without your consent or authorization. You are not borrowing the content information; You are paying for it and own it. Your name is on the byline for everything created while under contract..

Review all content-review all content written and approve before releasing it. Before you send information to a client or the web, make certain it is something you feel comfortable with..

Copyscape- if you are working with a client and paying for production of original content information, make certain to use Copyscape or similar software. This type of analysis guarantees the work is original and worth the fees paid for ghostwriting.

Pay-you will certainly get what you pay for. Better articles for creation services certainly cost more money. Therefore, if you are willing to pay only 20 cents for every one hundred words you will receive not the best quality of work for the experience.

Some things to keep in mind

It is okay to fire one

Remember that this person is representing you. Your name is on the byline when the final product is published from the ghostwriter's product. Don’t be afraid to hire or fire one either. Clients and customers are depending on you to do the best work possible. They are uninterested in what the ghostwriters part is in the process.

Countless writers have a great experience

Many writers discover the work fits well with projects they are trying to achieve. There are many advantages to employing a ghostwriter but there are also disadvantages with the experience.Personal circumstances factor into which type of experience a writer has with one.

Trust is important

Trust is important in this relationship and if you don’t trust the this person you need to terminate the relationship. Don’t be afraid to let this individual go if things aren’t working out. Trust goes both ways. This person is depending on you to be available for assistance, explanations and even payment.

When employing a ghostwriter the expectation is to follow legal and ethical guidelines. This expectation alone is scary for some. They understand personal ethics will permit them to follow these rules, but will another individual? Most are hired online and the face to face type of meeting never takes place.

In conclusion

Not everyone is a great writer. There are even times when the brilliant few have lost the knack for creativity and the great ideas and need a temporary reprieve. A large project with a few helping hands is an excellent reason to want one. Others simply want to find someone to put personal thoughts into words on their behalf without becoming a writer. No matter what the reason, discover some facts about ghostwriting before jumping into something not profitable for everyone who takes the plunge.

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    • feenix profile image


      7 years ago

      smcopywrite, thank you for publishing this hub. It prompted me to wonder if I am qualified to be a ghost writer.


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