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His Sorrow is Great

Updated on December 7, 2013
all rights reserved
all rights reserved

In the Search

What father among us on this earth,

would give up our own to die,

A sacrifice so great, and full of hurt,

more than our eyes could cry?

His son was born into this world,

to grow and live a life sin free,

He would save the masses with his love,

then to die upon a tree.

A Father cries as his children leave,

facing all that waits before them,

No one knows the downfalls then,

or of the dangers up ahead, so grim.

Our God knew the future of His son,

of all that to him, would be done.

Still, He sent His only child, to seek the souls,

taking them one by one.

Jesus was crucified upon the cross,

His suffering was terrible and grim,

No greater love does a father have,

than by saving us and in losing Him.

If we can see and hear and feel, the love

and grace, He has shown,

No finer Father could we hope to have,

or we ever could have known.

In our search for peace and tranquility,

and knowing that He is there,

We are shown each day in warming sun,

and in feelings that we share.

By our choice we make to follow Him,

then living our lives full of care,

We are an abundant harvest of His crop,

our souls for Him to spare.


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    • profile image

      aos 6 years ago

      I needed that today. Thank you