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Tiger Beat's Founder Dies at Age 87.

Updated on May 6, 2011

Charles Laufer's Truth behind his founding of Tiger Beat

Charles Laufer was a high school teacher back in 1955 being despaired at seeing his students not have anything fun or interesting to read he responded with a magazine that would aim audiences such as young teenage girls, eager to know much more about the cute stars loved by young girls, died last month on April 5, 2011 in Northridge, California. He was 87 years old. The cause of his death was of heart failure, said his brother, Ira.

Charles Laufer's well-known Teen Magazine was Tiger Beat, a teen magazine that is published every month. Along with it's spinoff competitors, most of whom which is really popular like 16 Magazine, on the other hand Tiger Beat covered it al-or in other words what mattered mostly to girls from ages 8 to 14. They started covering The Beach Boys Loves! Jan and Dean's return! The Private lives of The Beatles!

The magazine contained exclamation points, sometimes as many as 50 pages, would add more emphasis. Pictures were almost always glossy, glamorous, and almost always poster-size. Often it had facts such as "101 things you never knew about (put in star's name):" he uses a blue toothbrush!

Another great thing that was well-known about the front cover of The Tiger Beat Magazine's were the catchy but at the same time oddly innocent titles like for example some would say:" Shaun: A Junk Food Junkie?" "Leif's sad childhood," "Bobby's Favorite Type of Girls," and "Marie fighting with Donny?"

In an interview Charles Laufer told The Los Angeles Times in 1974 that the price of a Tiger Beat Magazine back then "was 75 cents, which was the same price as a hot-fudge sundae, saying that the magazine served as the same dollop of entertainment." Mr. Laufer also described his goal in a 1979 interview with Parade Magazine saying "Let's face it we're in the little girl business."

The Founding of Tiger Beat

To bring the joy of reading to his students, Mr. Laufer began a magazine called Coaster in 1955, which then later changed to Teen, he sold it in 1957. In 1965 he published a one-shot magazine filled with pictures of The Beatles. To it's immediate success it sold 75,000 copies in just two days. Later that same year he started Tiger Beat. It's mainstay, gotten by the so-called teenzines of this day, was "guys in their twenties singing La La songs to thirteen year old girls," Charles Laufer said in an interview with The Seattle Times in 1992.

Charles brother put up half the initial capitol for Tiger Beat, but Charles ran it as a publisher. one of his strategies was to compete with 16 Magazine and to create promotional relationships with production along with record companies. But it was often Mr. Laufer's own hard work that increased the advantage. At a screening of new T.V. shows in 1965, he discovered the Monkees for the first time, and quickly regognized Davy Jones form his Broadway performance on the play "Oliver!" Sensing the Monkees potential, he right away put them on the front cover of Tiger Beat. He also signed on exclusive deal for special Monkee magazines, Monkee picture books and Monkee love beads, which made a plus to the collection.

The magazine also used glossy paper and a more advanced process for colored pictures. They also helped gave away extra posters and organized contests in which readers can participate to win their idol's belongings.

Charles Laufer and his borthers sold Tiger Beat in 1978 for a reported $15 million. It's circulation was back then 700,000.

Chalres Laufer stayed on as a consultant to the new owners for a couple of years, then retired himself. Several of his family members have since then owned Bop and other teenage magazines, as ownership of Tiger Beat passed through five or six companies. In 2003 Laufer's son, Scott, bought tiger Beat, which hhe now publishes along with Bop.

Laufer's Personal Life

Charles Laufer born Chalres Harry Lufer was born on September 13, 1923, in Newark, where his father, Isadore, owned his own taxi company and was also a state assemblymen. Chalres was a basketball player in high school before moving to Los Angeles, where he garduated from the University of Southern California. He has taught English, Journalism, and History in two high schools.

Charles Laufer's first marriage was to Ottile Hangst, which ended in divorce. In addition to his brother and son, he was married to his second wife whose marriage survived for 55 years, Dorothy Lacy. He has four daughters Kerry Laufer, Laurie Fitzgerald, Teena Naumann, and Julie Jenkins; plus 10 grandchildren.

In a 1985 interview with the Los Angeles Times Mr. Laufer stated that it would be hard to duplicate his success if he was just beginning. He also said " Today you have rock stars coming out saying they're bisexual, or you see four-letter words in print," he said.

And of course there are some things that do never change: the cluttered collages of it's covers of his day feautring the images of David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman that somewhat bear a similar resemblance to today's Tiger Beat, with it's neverending renderings of Justin Bieber.


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