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Hit the Brakes! Just Kidding, It’s a Free Country

Updated on March 19, 2017

Driving a car can be a pain in the back, but it gives a sense of freedom that one can only find while living a free life. This sense of freedom allows one to feel as if he can do whatever he wants because he can go wherever he wants. As Laozi once said, “A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” Thus, it can be said that living a life is like driving a car.

Driving a car is one of the main methods of transportation that people use. It is proportional to time, meaning that more driving one does, the farther he will be from his starting point. Also, when driving, people give their undivided attention to it. Furthermore, the government regulates driving. People have to follow a certain set of federal rules and regulations when they are driving in the country. This limits the amount of things that people can do when they are driving, but it still does not take away that sense of freedom. When people drive, they almost always tend to get judged by the type of car that they drive. This has become a representing symbol of the differences between the upper, middle, and lower classes. For example, if three people arrive to work driving a Lincoln, Honda, and a 1986 Ford, respectively; when observers are looking at these three people they will think that the person driving the Lincoln is the richest out of the three. One thing that happens to most people, is that, as they gain experience in driving, it becomes more of a less conscious activity to them and they can do other things while driving, such as talking on the phone, or eating their lunch. Signals and traffic lights play a big role in driving. They stop drivers to make sure that they are not disturbing the rights of others. This is the biggest thing that slowly dismantles a driver’s sense of freedom because over time, the driver will most likely be late to something because of a signal. The number of times this is going to happen builds up until the river feels that he does not have full freedom because there are obstacles blocking him from enjoying his freedom. This is an ongoing problem, especially for students who are late to school. Finally, people drive to get to a destination.

When it comes to living a life, it can be very comparable to driving a car. Life is like transportation, because people live their life from the beginning point to the end point. What this means is that, since a baby is born to the time it dies, the being accomplishes many things through that life journey to get to a final goal, and this is like driving because, people start at their starting point and get to their destination. Life is proportional to time because the older one gets, the more things that he can get accomplished in life. Also, people always do what is best for them in life, and give it their undivided attention, as there is only one life and it can go wrong easily. This is just like driving a car, because if they do not give it their undivided attention, one wrong turn can end their life. Also in life, people follow a general set of rules that they make for themselves. For example, most people brush their teeth before eating breakfast. Another reason that living a life is like driving a car is that people judge based on appearance. The type of clothes one wears, his job, and his house can represent the type of car he drives. Furthermore, the older one is, the more he can do in life because of all the money he has saved up to that point. The signals and traffic in driving represent all the obstacles that people face in their life to reach their final destination or goal. These obstacles can range anywhere from a bad test grade to getting bullied in high school. Finally, just like in driving, the destination is the ultimate goal that people try to achieve during their life.

Technicalities of driving explain and further simplify how one can look at life and all the things that matter when living it. Driving a car and living a life are almost interchangeable. There is only one negative side to both. It is sharing space. This does not allow one do whatever he wants, because that violates the rights of others. Furthermore, if one wants to get to a destination, its not that he reached the destination that satisfies him; it’s the fact that he has accomplished a journey. The journey is his life.


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