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Hold My Hand As We Walk Through Life Together

Updated on June 19, 2012

Look Over Here

Don't be afraid life is like the darkness turned to light

Each day we walk out of the shade into the spotlight

Finding our way and seeing beautiful things we have never seen before

Constantly learning and wondering what could happen next

Our imaginations turn into great motors that run the world

We are blessed with the ability to envision life before it happens

To make any dream possible

We also hold great responsibility to be accountable for all our actions

Think smart and wisely

Make good choices over bad

The worlds endless pleasures can be found

We can also get lost and walk in circles round and round

Making the right decision and helping other people find their way

Leads us to finding our own destiny that awaits

Being selfish and greedy can only be bad

What we have is meant to be shared and enjoyed

Not kept in a vault and held in secret from all

The greatest treasures and pleasures in life are finding new ways to live and enjoy our life with others

For when we mix together our differences turn into excitement

Our loves become more beautiful

We are ignited from our souls whereever we go

When we are alone

Life becomes a prison not a home

The fun and joys we have enjoyed so much turn into piles of dust

As our life turns over every rock that we see

Maybe a snake or an ant building a home

Grass squished in a corner or a flower tucked away gently

Protected so it may rise above and climb out from under

Blooming and shining for everyone to experience

There is beauty in all things but will the beauty be passed by

It is time to use the gifts that we have been given from the start

Open your beautiful eyes and see everything as if it was new

Bright and shiny filled with endless possibilities

That we can make happen and experience for ourselves

As you leave here may each day bring a new feeling of mystery and pleasure

So that you can find before me every endless treasure

Only to be enjoyed by everyone in every way possible

So that we all can laugh and smile with no end in sight

Welcoming each new day and with energy and enthusiasm that can never be saved

Only passed on to the world of billions and billions plus two


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