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Holding On By The Seat Of My Pants

Updated on October 26, 2010

Just Another Boring Old Day

When this day started out it was far from special.I am a widower and left by myself most of the time

how could it be anything but mundane.I have children and they are all grown.I am here left in

my home day after day alone.Everybody is busy and each one has a list of things to do.Th

e weather was great an indian summer.When the air is crisp but warm in the mid 60's.I have

been a New Englander all my life we are use to the change in seasons.It comes with the

territory.Many years have passed since I had the vigor and excitement life brings to all that

live enjoying everything each day brings.I say the golden years (sarcasticly) without reservation and as the tears roll down

my face I tell you in a few chosen words what I think of that...But I am a lady and you can read

my lips as my smile is one of mystery no wonder with Halloween only 4 days away if I counted

right.Looking at the two bags of candy resting on my kitchen table ready to be eaten happily

by all the kids that want to enjoy a Halloween night they will never forget.In the past she gave

out some candy bars the bite size ones since everything is so expensive.She went through

140-160 candies last year and we didn't get as many kids as the year before.Now the city is

having parties Halloween night to prevent problems and elimate any dangers that might

arise.Times have changed since my children grew up.They use to go out and come home with

a great big bag of candy.Of course dad and I had to go through it all and get rid of and

candy that looked shady and unwrapped.So of course the bag would be cut in half to prevent the dentist bill from being triple digits  and then

just a couple of chocolate pieces missing.Fine payment for being a good mother and father

for years to come.If you notice even the typing is kind of odd or just spooky.

To be continued......


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