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Hollow Spaces

Updated on June 7, 2013

Natalie Grant/Held

In the hollow spaces

of your heart

In the places

you can't deny

In the sleeplessness

of a restless night

There's are war raging

deep inside

In the memories

of roads once traveled

In the fight to let them

slip by

In the pain

that lingers ever on

There's a comfort

in the tears you cry

In the longings

of the yester-years

In the questions

that leave you wondering why

In the endless chase

to reach some end

There's something gained

each day you try

In the strength it takes

to see the light

In the hope that keeps

your fears at bay

In the love that binds

the broken parts

There's a Savior

to help you find the Way...

Lisa Patricoff 2002


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