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Hollywood Rain Storms

Updated on September 26, 2009

What's A Hollywood Rain Storm

You've heard the phrase, Hollywood Rain Storm. Is it a rain storm in Hollywood? Is it a storm created by producers? Is it a storm that comes and goes within minutes? Is it all of the above?

Today was filled with Hollywood Rain Storms. The neat thing about the storms we could see them coming from a distance in the shape of dark cumulus clouds, from the west and white clouds in the north. The clouds came with the wind and went with it as well. A few minutes it was windy, lightening, and pouring rain.and minutes later it began to taper off to a slow misty shower.

I was working a booth for a not-for-profit group when all .... broke loose. The wind blew in sideways carrying heavy cold rain. Since it was a Hollywood rain storm, there was hope it would pass over and we could continue with our sales. We could have given up and tore down our tent. We didn't.

Hollywood rain storms got it's name from the making of movies. Directors and producers would create storms as special effects. Or, shoot a movie between real rain storms. Everyone would run for cover and take a break from work. Or, rain could be part of the set of action. Either or the show must go on.

Hollywood rains storms force us to exercise faith, hope and look to God for fairer weather.  We figure after a year of planning a Hollywood rain storm was not going to ruin the plans. We do whatever it takes to get the weather to change for the better and make the day a success.

Fortunately, after several Hollywood rain storms, and spotted sales between the storms, a rainbow was the indicator that the storms had ended. Faith and hope prevailed and God intervened. Sales for the day were beyond our projections and wildest dreams.


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