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Homeless Girl

Updated on May 7, 2012

She says " Take me home
Home is where the heart is
And sometimes you get kicked
Out of one heart but quickly
Find a new one or you stay in
Someone else's heart until you
Find it again, but yo will find it
It is right behind you over there
Now it is just out of reach and
You grab it, you play ball and
You love it because love is law
So you love them all day long
It is in your own backyard and
At the edge of the Berlin Wall
Love don't need a home at all
Love isn't willing to love at all
As people grow up and away
From their ownership and from
Their little piece of conformity
Each of us seeing new realities
Beyond our high schools or on
TV and sometimes we choose
New ones like trump cards out
Of the tarot deck of our lifetime
Hoping to make our fortunes
Stacked but love don't want that
Love doesn't need it now or later
Love flies free and freer than that
And we shall overcome and again
Become as if we are formed of clay
To begin all over again and again
And again we will keep looking out
Looking toward home sweet home
Where you pick her up is where you
Can drop her off because you know
Why it is great dating homeless girls
Because they are homeless and you
Can drop them off almost anywhere
Because anywhere right here will be
Fine because anywhere anyplace is
Just another way home, thanks."
She smiles and gets out of the car.


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    • TheBeautysInside profile image

      TheBeautysInside 6 years ago

      Voted up and beautiful

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Thanx so much TBI. Very much appreciate your reading my work. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana

      voted up. i really like your writing style. its different, and random, and makes perfect sense.

    • profile image

      dreamreachout 6 years ago

      Blake, I feel with you in these verses and dumping isnt the correct attitude!!


    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      LOVE the last line... a jolt back from poetics and into reality. Excellent.


    • profile image

      dreamreachout 6 years ago

      Blake, you are lost again!! Magzz is waiting for you to read her annunaki hub!! Catch up with us!! Cheers!!

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Thanx Nikki, DR, and MB. And apparently DR just one more time for good measure, your kind words are always appreciated. And yes MB I thought I made the time transition from poetics to reality nicely in this one myself. Home is where the heart is going, Or where you left it behind. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

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