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Homeless Humanities

Updated on July 25, 2012

To walk among the struggles of some...the harsh realities of homelessness and starvation,
May seem like a unforeseen circumstance...the reality far to real in the eyes of others...wishing to eat just a morsel,
Lullaby dreams of overpass cliffs with cars and other vehicular passions flowing effortlessly overhead,
Struggles of the man or woman under the bridge however far less appealing to the average eye...we must listen.

Had it be said...home lost dreams and aimless travels among the corridors of the city between shadows and darkness alike,
Fruitless gains from the starving children that wish to only make their lives slightly more complete,
Had they but a father or a matter the situation...maybe and just maybe the core nature of humanity could be met,
Thrown from the ring...torn and shredded bit by bit...piece by piece...morals taken and replaced with primal instincts of survival.

Every notion that was wit and wear...exemption or consumption of collective consciousness...smiling where it isn't wanted,
Maybe the pain of suffering and denial speaks for itself...rising from the ranks of the masses to simply take a peak,
Whether carousel bound for circles of unmatched infinitude...or regard for past situations creating future peculiarities,
Anger led creationism of the highest extremism...look beyond the clouds...a new path would or could have been before one's eyes.

Hope and divided emotion...what is it truly good for...but in same respectful notions...what isn't it good for,
A time to reflect the truth...the open doors to new found freedoms of say and nay...can and cannot in the same sentence,
Fixation on eventual truthful conditions...the ship with it's great sixty five foot wakes without much effort or drive,
Take the storm as it comes...the time is now to make the decisions for our lost and wish bound loved ones...remember your humanity...they remember yours.


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    • raciniwa profile image

      raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      according to a Jewish proverb: we need these drifters, so we can always keep in touch with our humanity...