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Poem - Urban Knight

Updated on February 11, 2012

You cannot see through my layers of coats,

They protect my skin they are my moat.

See-through soles worn in my shoes,

Reinforced by paper with news.

The woolen hat that covers my head,

Think of this as my helmet instead.

This wire cart I push out in front,

It is my shield it's rusted and blunt.

The cane at my side acts as my blade,

If you get too close you'll find it's well made.

I am a knight behind urban walls,

Patrolling the ramparts and twisting halls.

Always on duty with no time to rest,

Supplies running low as you might have guessed.

I see your eye wander quickly away,

When your looking up for whom do you pray.

Don't pray for me for I need no pity,

I am invincible the protector of your city.


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