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HoneyMOON of the Moon

Updated on September 20, 2012

HoneyMOON of the Moon

Moon is adorning a glittering tiara
And slowly walking down the aisle….
to you,
She is blooming in her best ….
And the Stars have created the sky
on earth …
as the Moon is in love with you…!

Moon is shining bright with shy…
And the Sun is nowhere to be seen…
it is night…,
But a day has been created…..
As stars are shining high
On earth,,,,
As the Moon is in love with you…!

There is no frontier ….
You are lost in the sky….
And the Moon just hided her face in you…!

The sea is singing the MOON song
Moon is losing herself in the sea….
It is a sea of honey….
As the sea smiled with HoneyMOON.


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