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Hooked on Jesus

Updated on January 7, 2012

Hooked on Jesus

Seeking and searching and trying to find

Looking to fulfill this desire that is aching this heart of mine

My body shakes and shivers desperately seeking relief

I need a hit to succumb to these phennings…

Old addictions don’t seem to suffice

I longed for many things that would only give a temporary high

They came with promises of fulfillment but once it was done

I was back on the floor looking for more

Scuffling, shuffling and searching for that next score.

I thought maybe it I focused on money and things

It would quench that desire

But it turned on me and just as I had quickly acquired it

It flew out of my hand

Like a bird in the air, it fluttered with all my cares

Maybe friends would fill the gap,

But I only put myself in a trap

A trap that bound me to their earthly wants, desires, needs and requests.

I was stuck in a conundrum and couldn’t get out

Now definitely this hole could be filled with the presence and relationship of a man

Who promised the moon, stars, sea and sky?

But little did I know that his wandering eyes and two faced loyalty

Flipped over any plans that I conjured and held to wholeheartedly

Maybe just maybe I thought, If I turn to me, I could get myself out of this misery.

Making plans, writing lists living a life of a I’mma do me

With no respect of biblical authority

I lead myself on a crooked and jagged path, filled with confusion and utter disillusion.

All those addictions left me in a conniption

Jacked up and tore up even more then where I started from

And that’s when a still quiet voice said…

Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Because all that you have been looking for, you can find in Me.

You get a taste of Me and you will never be the same.

You get a drink and you will feel my waters flow

Every place that yearns and longs for something,

I will fill it and give you even more

And daughter, just to let you know, there is no drug like me.

Instead of having you jacked up

I will back you up with the arms of my protection

Instead of you being stressed and depressed

I will leave you blessed and a success.

There is no high like me because I will take you to the heavenlies

Just come and see

What I will bring…

And my answer was yes…

Copyright 2011 Michelle J


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    • Dilemma profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Texas

      Thanks so much Kelly!

    • KellyPittman profile image

      Kelly Pittman 

      6 years ago from Walker, LA

      Love it. Voted Up, Awesome, Beautiful and shared!


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