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Sure hope I get to return the favor

Updated on January 18, 2011
My son, Raphael
My son, Raphael

Paternity leave is not a vacation

Awful smells, baby yells

Oozing out like guacamole

So uncool, baby stool

Swearing on everything that's holy

When i put you down you cry

and I've no idea why

This love has been such a labor

Sure hope I get to return the favor

Holding, feeding, burping in the middle of the night

Who's turn is it anyway, making mommy and daddy fight

Now our lives belong to you

We must respond to all you do

When you're fussy and you're cranky

There's no time for hanky panky

Scrambling to make your bottles

Fastening the burp cloth and the bib

Hours wasted on assembly

You never do sleep in your crib

Doing dances to entertain you

Making faces till you laugh

Must be attentive to your needs

Or I deal with mommy's wrath

Crying has so many meanings

Either holding, change or feedings

And what's up with all this gas

If thats your talent I'd rather pass

I'm sorry if you're not amused

But I'm so tired and confused

Rocking you back and forth for thirty minutes

And you sleep for only twenty?

What happened to my patience?

Before I had you I had plenty

Then you go peeing in the tub

Every time mommy tries to bathe you

What were you thinking of?

Guess she's grateful it ain't poo

It's not that we don't love you

We love you very much

We just want you to share the experience

We want you to do as such

We are raising you with love

We are nurturing and caring

So I hope that we grow old

And you get your chance at sharing

All the responsibility of doing good deeds

And making sure you take care of our needs

So feed us and change us and love us like we do you

Put a roof over our heads and give us our own bedroom too

Promise you'll take care of me and your mom

No matter what our condition

If you ever have any doubts

Remember we saved for your tuition

I know you're too young and won't remember what you've done

I know you're just behaving the way a baby should

That's why we forgive you and have decided to keep you

Because deep down we know you're everything that's good

But there's one thing you should know

That before it's my time to go

This love has been such a labor

Sure hope i get to return the favor


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    • ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

      ROMANCER OF LIFE 7 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      What a great and humorous poem. Children are such a blessing. In the early stages of parenthood it is a lot of work. This was an awesome poem! You nailed it down to the Tee. But... one day it'll be smoothe sailing, instead of changing diapers, you'll be teaching them the ways of life. Well it's never smoothe sailing, it just gets easier to teach them when your not having to change diapers and wake up every 2-3 hours throughout the night. Lol.

      Enjoy them while their small....


    • runrchic1 profile image

      runrchic1 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      I love it! It's humorous and yet touching. I found myself laughing and then wanting to cry when you speak about returning the favor. Our children grow-up too fast, and before you know it, the roles will reverse.

    • profile image

      joan canoy 7 years ago

      A good one!!!

      this is what real parenting is all about. i am glad you are experiencing 1st hand... parenting giving and loving till it hurts!