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Hope has its Ways

Updated on March 5, 2012

My breath of fresh air is somehow gone,
I answer questions from dusk 'till dawn,
Underestimated by the power of what was,
I live in my dreams with the stars above;
Dead but still dreamin'...

Waterfalls descend down both her cheeks,
You could see her heart losing ever single beat.
Why did she leave?
Where did she go?
Why do I breathe?
Where will I go?

We left ourselves unexposed to the world,
Under another set of blankets for cover.
If I could make you more than just my girl,
I'd do it in a second; hearts hover.

The end has knocked at my door,
With flowers at hand, with nothing felt,
Until then my friend, my something else,
I'll lay motionless on this cold hard floor
with nothing but hope
as I cease to exist,
my one and................


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