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Hope is A Nectar Worth Savoring.

Updated on November 24, 2009


Hope Is A Nectar Worth Savoring.   ©-MFB III

The texture of hope
can most often be found,
in the satin friction of a kisses bliss,
and from the warmth of fingers
interwoven tightly with your own.
It springs fresh from the
rustle of bodies untangling,
as two bask in the wondrous afterglow,
floating high on the cusps
of their sweet sighs.
It lingers as well in
a glance that reassures,
that love is at long last mutual,
and gets smelted in
twenty-four carat rings of gold
that seal the bounds of love shared.

It comes in the wee hours
of mourn when sleep eludes,
and smooths the shadowed
hollows of weary eyes,
when the phone rings and she
softly whispers, "I'm so sorry."
It is found in the crispness
of a letter unfolded,
carrying freshly inked words
from a distant war zone,
promising a rejoining
and that everything is O.K.
It echoes in the new voices
of candidates promising
long needed changes in
the midst of so much chaos.
It graces the yes of a doctor’s nod
when you’ve asked about his optimism
for your full recovery.
and it washes over your soul
in the midst of a prayer
to the ultimate hope master above.

The texture of hope is warm and fuzzy,
a feeling you can snuggle up with,
when the hardness of the world at large
erodes your fondest dreams.


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