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Hope we must have in men

Updated on November 19, 2015

We as men need to stand up. Stand up against Tyranny, against terrorists, against the ones that have greed and we the people suffer for their greediness. We must stand as one as the people together to find true peace. The people must take back what is ours and quit relying on a king, a queen, an emperor, or even a government. They are starting to divide us all having family and friends turning on one another and distract us. Why they have us focus on one another. In the cover of their darkness they just play us so they can do what they want so they can find a way to take everything from the people because the people have the true power not a king, queen, emperor, or government. We the people are tired of war and hate but we let these small men in power control us. We are their puppets on their strings. It is time to cut them and be free quit attacking your friends and family but unite. If we want peace we need to make a decision for ourselves. Take control of your life these people that want to control you will brain wash you and make you choose a side White, Black, Christian, Muslim, Democrat, Republican. We are in a world where we are being pulled on our puppet strings so we can be controlled and make hatred. It is time my people. My brothers and sisters to unite and fight. We have lost enough for these dictator's is greed. We've lost brothers, sisters, mother, and fathers for what the dictator’s greed. Why I ask you? Why must we continue on losing all we love for someone else is greed? We feel the power of lose while they feel the joy of greed. Its time to just stop, wake up, see what is going on, put our foot down, and stand united.

Please watch

My Question to you is have you all had enough? Are you still willing to lose more for their gain? Remember they keep gaining and we keep losing. I ask you the time is now to act before it is too late. I am just one man, however one can turn into two, and two into four, and so on. Join me, let us march to take back our country reminding these dictators that the people are no longer puppets that we have cut off our strings, and we are free men. Free to think, act, and move on our own. To protect ourselves to unite as one Black, White, Christian, Muslim, Democrat, Republican. To show we are the true power of our lives not them but us. We elected you to help us not hurt us, and we will remove you. We are many, they are few, now is the time to not be afraid. It is time for them to lose and us as the people to gain.



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