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Horace of the Horizon-Part 6

Updated on January 22, 2013

In Darkness

I am floating somewhere in the darkness and I am lost and alone. Floating, drifting naked and quivering in this darkness.

At first I was in water. Drowning. Dying. Now I am not.

My name is Yoris Adam Ray Jr. and I think I might be dying if I am not already dead.

Maybe I am still in the water, unconscious, face down. Maybe I should wake up? If I don’t wake up I will drown!

Maybe I am floating in space? I don’t know.

I have never felt so lost, so scared.

I look at my hands. I am luminescent, transparent.

Good God I am dead. Is this what it is, this darkness?

I am terrified that I might lose my mind, spend an eternity of insanity.

Alone, floating in darkness, drifting, going more and more insane.

Off in the darkness I see a faint glow, burning with malice.

I am not alone.

The snake is in here with me. Hunting me.

It wants from me. It wants my fear. It wants my pain.

It needs from me. It needs my knowledge.

I know I cannot let it, but I am so tired and I am so scared.

The snake draws closer and I know it is my master.

Is the snake God, and God pain and death?

The snake is in the darkness and the snake is the darkness.

The snake surges toward me. Fear and shadows and might cold with hatred.

Then suddenly the snake stops and appears confused.

The darkness, the limitless darkness cracks ever so slightly and vines, thick sinuous, strong robust with life issue forth and engulf me, cocooning me from head to toe.


In the Care of the Guardian

I am trapped but I do not fight. I lay there limp and defeated. I could not escape if I wanted to.

Then I hear a voice and it is warm and humane and familiar.

“Please try to not be afraid, I am hiding you”

A vulva like opening began to form in the giant mass of vines and I walk through because I know of no other choice and because the humanity of the voice is a comfort from the cold malice of the snake.

“Hello” I call out. “Who is there?”

“It is Okay Adam, it is me Graham, Graham Hancock”

Despite my predicament I allow myself such a grossly hopeful gesture as a laugh.

“Graham, this is not a side of you I have seen before”

And that is when I saw Graham rise up as from the ground, raised up by the vines and creepers and living fibrous things.

“Yes Adam, I am also a shamanic guardian of this world, a truth about myself that was secret even from my own knowing until it was unlocked …until I was unlocked, by the sacred vine and two aspects of me became one, the amnesia I attributed to humanity was also very much my own. My modern, conscious, active alert self and my ancient guardian spirit made whole again into one being.”

I felt complete and utter disbelief but also the bubbling excitement of hope.

“Graham, I think this is a dream or some madness I don’t know, but you can fight and you can destroy whatever that is out there…”

And with that my voice trailed off.

“Graham, I think I died. I think he killed me”

Graham sighed and gave me a quick embrace. “No, you did not die, he made sure of that, you have something he wants and so he forced your consciousness here to pick it apart, to pick through the pieces of you”

I nodded morosely “Yes, I know what he wants and I have hidden it, but I don’t know for how long or at what cost”

I grabbed Hancock by the arms urgently. “Graham, please we have to use your power to fight him, to destroy him”

Graham shook his head emphatically. “No, there is already too much chaos, too much violence and it saddens me to no end that our world, or society has conditioned us to accept this kind of brutishness, this ugliness as being our immediate response”

His words felt like a punch in the gut. Like a betrayal.

“Graham, he is a monster and he certainly won’t adhere to your high minded principles. Sometimes force has to be met with force, violence with violence, it’s maybe a sad truth Graham, but it is the truth and we can’t let this kind of evil to flourish, and I have nothing to stop him, but you, you have the power”

Graham gave me a sad fretful look “It is not about him, it is about us and who and what we are as humanity, but that is not to say that I don’t think he needs to be stopped, just that it saddens me that violence is our immediate answer”

He then paused as if deep in thought or as if he was listening for something. “As well you should know that in a direct confrontation, he is vastly more powerful than I am. Indeed it is only working in conjunction with my dear dear friend Thoth were we able to communicate a message to your son Horace, and I have not been able to communicate to either of them since! If he has all the tablets it tests my credulity as much as my faith to think of what might possibly stop him “

This gave me a flicker of hope “I don’t think he does have all the tablets, certainly not control of them, I know because most of the work done deciphering their use as you know was done by myself, and I shared that with everyone, but only up to the point where I began to suspect that what we were dealing with was not only very real but also very potent, and to the point where I saw something sinister in Dr. Suty Apepi’s motives and so I encoded my research “

Graham Hancock’s mood began to brighten as well with this news “Indeed, if there might be a way to take control of the tablets we just might ..” But he didn't finish his thought as his shoulders slouched dejectedly. “Of course we would need to get out of here first, which I have my doubts we can do without the power of the tablets that we want to get when we get out of this place. “

“There is still Horace,” I said “If he understands the clues I gave him”

Graham smiled and I appreciated the warmth “Ah yes our intrepid ‘Horace of the Horizon apartments, I think evil is as good as undone, in the meantime though let’s see what we can try and do from in here”

And with that Graham raised his hands and a blue light began to emanate from his eyes and mouth.

To think I thought Hancock unorthodox when I only knew he was a writer and investigator of historical mysteries.

When I thought that it made me laugh out loud. Despite everything I could still laugh.

I was still human. Still a man.

A Perilous Journey Begins

The cocoon of vines began to shift and swirl and fade away. When they were gone graham and I were left standing on the back of a massive manta ray like creature that glowed luminescent with phosphorus green.

It’s wings undulated gracefully as it propelled as through the unfathomable darkness, towards who knows what.

In another world, another place I am oblivious to the cries of alarm my discovery inspires, as I float face down in Toronto harbour.


The Adventure Continues!

Horace of the Horizon is intended to be an ongoing story that will unfold right here on Hub Pages in installments.

I will try to get new installments out as quickly as possible, but I do keep a very busy schedule.

Hopefully it wont be more than a few weeks between each episode, but the best way to make sure you never miss an episode is to subscribe to me here, but also check out and bookmark my Blog: The Best Lack All Conviction. You can read all of my articles there as well!

I am far from being any kind of professional writer, but it is something I enjoy doing. I hope you will enjoy it too and enjoy coming along for the ride!

See you next episode!


I also welcome any questions you may have and will do my best to answer them!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi DDS

      "Graham gave me a sad fretful look “It is not about him, it is about us and who and what we are as humanity, but that is not to say that I don’t think he needs to be stopped, just that it saddens me that violence is our immediate answer”

      Like Graham, it saddens me that violence is our immediate answer.

      Your writing has taken me in and I cannot help but to go on the perilous journey.

      Voted up and awesome

    • DDS profile imageAUTHOR

      David Sproull 

      6 years ago from Toronto

      @tilsontitan: Thank you! Your comments are appreciated and very motivating! There is more to come!!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      6 years ago from New York

      This is the first episode I have read and yet I don't feel like I've missed much. This was superb. Your creativity and imagination seem to know no bounds in this one. Yes, I had a few small questions but they can be answered by going back and reading parts 1 thru 5 I'm sure. This will make a great novel!

      Voted this up, awesome, and interesting.


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