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Horror Short Stories - Part I

Updated on October 15, 2015


Jessica watched the cursor scroll down the screen of her laptop. She finished up the last sentence in her documents for work. Then she logged onto a sci-fi fantasy site before bringing up her webpage to do some final editing touches. Her website was about a guy she had admired and known about for years. It was dream come true for her when they got to meet almost three years ago. She proposed a webpage idea to him that would increase the popularity of his show. Evan, the scientist was coming out with a new program to educate people on the history of robots by using realities of classic sci-fi movies.

Evan was very excited even without knowing much about Jessica. He respected her geek-like traits and thought they'd make a great team. He was okay with her having full support of advertising him professionally.

Jessica arrived back to her Pennsylvania home later that night. "Evan is so hot. This is my plan, Snuffles. I will show him how much respect I have for his work then...before you know it...we'll be the hottest couple in Hollywood. Then he'll be mine for real." The cat just meowed.

Jessica noticed a new girl messaging Evan on his page. "So yeah, he's adorable. What of it. Who the heck are you. You're gonna make trouble for me. That's who you are. Leave Evan alone. You don't know him. You only think you do." Jessica goes to Danielle's page and sees all the massages she has sent Evan. "Oh my God, this girl is obsessed." Jessica began massaging Danielle.

Jessica: Please stop sending Evan spammed posts.

Danielle: This is none of your business.

Jessica: It is too my business. Evan is my friend.

Jessica does a web search on Danielle. She finds out a website with Danielle having a history with Evan eleven years prior. "What a freak." She chuckled. Snuffles jumped into Jessica's lap. She pushed a few of the keys on Jessica's laptop opening up an online video chat program. "I like your thinking, Snuffles." Jessica opens a webpage connecting to her email account. She opens a new email to Libby Lennette.


Eight years prior...

"What the hell is wrong with me?" Danielle sat with her therapist. She took a drink of her water. "Why can't I get Evan out of my head?"

Janet smiled at Danielle before she jotted down something on her notepad. She looked up at Danielle from her pen and paper. "How much of Evan's work have you researched."

"About three paperback books and two seminars." Danielle chuckles. "One seminar was crap. It was about how sea monsters have control of our daily lives. Very lame. I could tell he wasn't into the seminar at all. He even left in the middle of it."

"It sounds interesting to me."

"Oh it is at first, but when you take time to think about it, it really doesn't make any sense at all. It's probably not supposed to, but it's actually pretty dull and pointless."

"You probably didn't like it because Evan left before it was over."

"No no. Every new segment seemed like a rehash of the previous one. Oh gawd."

"What? You seem irritated. Confront your feelings."

"People kept crying and repeating, 'no ballpoint pens.' Drove me nuts after a while. I know Evan gets tired hearing it. It all started because an pen exploded in his pant's pocket."

Janet snickered.

"Exactly. It wasn't supposed to happen, but Evan knew crap when he smelled it. That was a hint for him to leave."

"Okay." Janet writes something in her notebook. She spent at least two minutes writing this. "Go ahead and keep talking.

"My parents are very controlling and favor me brother over me."

"No I mean go ahead and talk more about Evan."

"Evan isn't the problem. It's my parents."

"But, you are obsessed with Evan."

"That doesn't make any sense to me."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, rarely read Evans research or watch his seminars."


"I would think that if someone had an "obsession" they would research someone as much as possible."

"And you don't?"


"But you do read his research?"

"Yes. But, only about once or twice every two weeks. I miss reading his research if I go without. I've been looking for him since 2002."

"Two years ago?"


"'That's obsessive."

"Well, yeah, if I wanted to go to the guy's house and harass him."

"You don't."

"No. I'd wanna get his permission first or tell him where I am so we can meet."

"Why don't you just go to where he frequents?"

"And waste my day by sitting in a place where he may not even plan on going that day? That's obsessive. I refuse to do that."

"Well, you claim you love the guy and want to be with him then why wouldn't you?"

"Because I don't want a restraining order. That's sick and twisted. I'd rather leave it to chance. But, if I have to tell him where I am so he'll come to me then that'll be up to him if he chooses to or not. I'd want him to get to know me first so he can trust me. I'd show him that I would never hurt him."

"Even violently?"

"Never violently. I'd rather die than hurt him."


Ten years later...

Danielle was on the phone with her friend, Ned. "I was minding my own business when I get a public message from Jessica. She informed me of a Evan poser on a different social media page. I just kinda shrugged it off, but she seemed a little weird about it. I just kinda blew it off as if I didn't care because I don't. If people enjoy being someone else because they hate their own life so much to hurt others then that is their choice. I've always been real with Evan."

"Well, yeah, you've liked the fellow since 2002. Has that girl harassed you on Chatline anymore?"

"Libby? No. Not since Evan's birthday. I blocked her soon after that though."

November 2014

Jessica contacted Mondo Lucas on his page and asked him "Hi, hon, can you do me a favor? Please. I'll reward you handsomely. Pose as a detective saying that Danielle is harassing Evan. I've got a name right here. I've only got Danielle's parents number. I can't find Danielle's number at all. Well, I had it at one point and even called her, but she didn't answer. It has been changed since. Yes, I did call the police that time stating Evan was my boyfriend and have Danielle stop harassing him because it's upsetting us. That was in 2013. I have already given the cops a whole bunch of obsessive messages that Danielle sends Evan. Libby has been telling Danielle that her and Evan are dating now. Please, Lucas, Do this for me. Thank you so much."

More to come...

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    • Amanda Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Meredith McLarty 

      3 years ago from Sioux City, IA

      Thanks. I plan to add more to it later. I appreciate your sincere comment.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Interesting story. I had a little trouble following it though so I think I need to re-read it. I am sure it will be clearer then, Keep writing.


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