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Horrors of War

Updated on June 17, 2020
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I am a university student and I like to tell about my stories,experiences and knowledge.I am really passionate to write about this article.

Horrors of war


War is an armed conflict between two or more states or governments.When such a conflict assumes global proportions, it is termed as a war. War between different parts of the same country or between various functions of the same nation is called a civil war.

William James a U.S. philosopher says:
"History is a bath of blood".

Results of war:

War results in devastation, disease and even demise. Even, in the days of yore when warriors used to fight face to face with swords, lances, axes and arrows the destruction of war was dreadful. People were wounded or slaughtered. Children were enslaved and women were kept as whores. the eatables were scare and the passions were wild. Then the aftermath of wars were even more appalling than the wars themselves. Even today, two nuclear armed countries China and India are facing each other at the Ladakh borders and it is really dangerous for the world peace.

A British poet, Lord Byron says:

A king state on the rocky brow

Which looks o'er sea-born Salamis;

And ships, by thousands, lay below,

And men in nations-all were his!

He counted them at the break of day

And when the sun set where were they?

Modern World:

The world of today is the world of science and technology. Man's amazing achievements and accomplishments are shining like the bright constellations in firmament of science and technology. Man has invented astonishing instruments and terrible tools to make life cosy and comfortable. But, paradoxically, he has also invented most deadly weapons for his utter extinction. Now many countries of the world possess nuclear warheads, germ warfare and chemical bombs.

Owing to the quick and fast means of transmission, satellite and computer technology, the world has become a global village. Now the various countries are linked together economically, socially and politically. International treaties and global trade alliances are currently in fashion. These days, if a war breaks out the other countries cannot be neutral for a long period of time. They will have to intervene for their own benefits. If this happens any war may become a world war. The estimated devastation of such a war would be grimly gruesome. It may simply be an entire annihilation and an absolute end of mankind on earth.

War is, in fact, man's massacre on a massive scale. Death falls from firmament or erupts from earth. It spares no one. The innocents expire, the soldiers suffer and the population perishes.

Chinese Folk Song:

South of the walls we fought,

North of the ramparts we fell,

Fell in the meadows, left unburied,

Food for the ravens.

Effects on nature:

Even the animals have to endure the anguish of war. Water, air, earth all are infected. Nothing is secure and safe from the woes of war. Starvation and fatality are the ultimate upshot of wars. Life is entirely paralyzed and crippled. War causes poverty and penury. Everything is destroyed. Crops are rolled out. Eatables and provisions are scanty. Hunger, ailment and pestilence are the only outcome of war. It results in fears and tears. War brings about irreparable loss of material assets. Property is wracked. Buildings are destroyed. Skyscrapers, plazas .factories, roads, hospitals, houses, gardens and railways all are changed into debris. War is also the worst foe culture and civilization. Cultural assets, splendid paintings, matchless manuscripts, unique historical heritage and priceless antiques all are demolished. These things cannot be measured in terms of money .They are the essence of man's supreme faculties and efforts. War extinguishes beauty, smothers, morality and razes reason. Man behaves like animals. The paragon of beauty, the crown of the universe is burnt into ashes. The aftermath of war is even more horrible than the war itself. It is said that those who perish in war are less unfortunate than those who survive. Life becomes a misery eatables are meagre. It becomes impossible for humans to keep the body and soul together. The infants are weep for mothers, the mothers cry for their children. The houses are raze to ground.The young girls survive homeless. They do not know where to go. Some are crippled,some are mad,some widows with their infants in their arms wail and weep. What an enemy of humanity war is!


War is human folly. Let the world think about it.They must take solid and sincere steps to stop war. No problems can be solved by war. Let the world come to the table of negotiation for the settlement of their disputes. The UNO must realize its duty and be earnest in its efforts to resolve the disputes between various nations.

Jimmy Carter, a U.S. president once said:

"War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no

matter how necessary, it is always an evil , never

a good. We will not learn how to live together in

peace by killing each other's children".

© 2020 Muhammad sohail sarwar


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