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Hot Slap

Updated on September 8, 2012
I always write my stories in a way to help my readers capture the depth of it and i portray myself in most of them in an extra ordinary circumstance so enjoy this and imagine if it is you. Yes, it is you i am talking to...

My life has been so rough and seeing the achievements of my mates puts me on a pulse all the time and to worsen it all, i was evicted from my one bedroom, no one was there for me and the only place i could seek help was not responding so i decided to end it. I mean, days without food and roaming the street, sleeping under bridges.Rough time is killing me! These three miserable years of stress and systematically became a vagabond must come to an end. It must end today. I took the rope i found at the mechanic workshop to hang myself but realized that it would be a painful death but who cares?

Anyway, i decided to simply stab myself but could not see a knife or any blunt object then a voice so harsh said to me... "Jump into a moving car". Perhaps this will be so quick and easy i thought then all of a sudden another harsher voice said to me..."No !No! No!, there is a river few meters away, just jump into it and all your pain will come to an end, this will also be a very quite and painless death". I was ready for this and i accepted it so spalssssssssssssssssssssss...!!!!!! I was right under the river but it did not go as the voice said because i saw myself right in the sky and a man gladdened on white robes embraced me. "My goodness, this is the Jesus i use to see in films and always pass portraits of his image along the road"

You see, my action brought me to God but as Jesus said Welcome to heaven, he did not give me a chance to speak then went straight to what he called his point. Read!!

"My son, why did you have to give up, i know all that you are going through, i know everything, and i also have all the records of the times you said that i am wicked and that my father God is not your maker, i know everything, you were busy pitying yourself then forgot that i took the pain on the cross for you,anyway my point is this, you just missed what was coming to you"

Jesus then pointed at his right hand and i saw a mansion and a Lamborghini utility parked right in front of the mansion then he said to me...

"This was suppose to be yours if you had waited few more days"

"How" i asked and he said to me

"Your agony was a preparation for your greatness, you would have grabbed it, God prepared this lady, he pointed to a picture and i saw a lady, her face was familiar but i could not remember where i happen to meet her, she would have seen you under the bridge and you beg her for food and she would have given you food and money and that money was suppose to change your life because the lotto jackpot for the month of December is One hundred and fifty million dollars and you would have played the lotto and would have won that jackpot but you could not wait for your day,instead you cut everything short because of the fact that you are stupid".

"Lord, please send me back to the world, i am sorry for failing you, i am so sorry for what i did"

"Can you make a hair grow on your head, don't you know that God who made you made who you will be, he takes care of the birds of the air so do you think that he can't take care of you"

Jesus then gave me a big hot slap!!! and at this point i screamed because the slap was hotter than anything hot you can imagine so as i screamed, i opened my eyes and realized that it was a dream. WHAT A DREAM?

I am happy that i saw the Lord and i am happy that he knows everything about me, he showed me his face so i will keep pushing on until the day he chose to bless me and end my turmoil. As you have read this today,why don't you rest your own case unto him?


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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