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House of Sleep Part 4

Updated on February 23, 2015

“Oh my god. This is terrible. That man took my bedroom apart. What does he think he’s doing tearing the mattresses off the bed like that and stacking them against the wall. Didn’t he know we were coming?” She said.

Maggie is furious. She sees her pillows, books, and old clothes stacked up in the two laundry baskets.

“Sweetheart, I guess we’re not staying in this room.” Edwin can’t stop laughing. I suppose it’s not the most expensive hotel.” He said.

“This isn’t even a cheap hotel. This is…just like where my brother lives… under the train tracks in New York. I’m going to cry.” She said. Maggie starts pulling on her curls.

“Please don’t cry sweetheart. This is just a bad joke.” He said. Laughing under his breath, she pounds on his back while she whales.

“This isn’t funny Edwin.” She slams the bedroom door shut and marches down the hallway to the next room. “You and this idiot downstairs. This was supposed to be my vacation.” Maggie turns to Edwin and points her finger towards him in the hallway. “Did you hear me? My vacation.” She said.

“We’ve had better ones that’s for sure.” Edwin laughs again. He takes a drink of whiskey himself from his flask in his suit pocket.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! This is terrible. Not you too. Here give me that!” She said. Maggie takes a sip of it herself. “I might as well join the crowd. We can just be lunatics and live in this hell hole for a week.”

Edwin smiles as he takes another swig. “Sounds like a plan sweetheart. Aren’t we all lunatics at one time or another? God knows I’ve been married to you for 10 years now.” He said.

“I could smack you.” she said. Maggie opens up the next bedroom door.

“I want to scream. This is the worst nightmare.” Maggie turns to Edwin and stomps her feet, and then turns to the bedroom. She walks in and looks around the room, kicks the mattress on the floor, and sits down and sobs.

“Oh come on honey.” he said. He puts his arm around her and starts singing Opera.

Maggie giggles between her tears. “You’re such a charmer.” She wipes her tears from her eyes. “What would I do without you.” She said.

“I don’t think you would do much without me.” He lights a cigar. “Look at it this way darling. We have this perfect silk canopy above us, with the moonlight peeking through the cracks of the ceiling. How romantic is that? Not everyone gets such a view.” He said. He puffs on his cigar a few times.

“I suppose you have a point. We should stay positive. We should make the best of it.” She said. She pulls his handkerchief from his pocket and blows her nose. Wads it back up and sticks it back in his suit.

“That’s the spirit darling. We’re rich people. We’re rich with love.” He said. He continues to hum his favorite opera tune as they both lay back on the bed. He takes a few more puffs. “Beautiful moonlight. Don’t you think darling?”

“Now that I think about it yes. This mattress is quite comfortable.” She pulls the home made quilt her grandmother made and drapes it over them. “Do you think we’ll be able to sleep?” she said.

The room seems so different then what she remembered. This was her brother’s room, but she didn’t remember the canopy or the quilts being in here. The moonlight did shine through the ceiling and brighten up the place. For now she just must close her eyes and fall asleep.

Maggie snuggles up to Edwin and of course he was already snoring. She would just meditate and try to tune out Edwin’s annoying lullaby.

All rights reserved Hattiemattiemae Spiritweaver February 24, 2015 Copyrighted.


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