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How A Writer Makes It In Todays World

Updated on August 7, 2012

If I knew I Would Be Famous

For now I am just dust on the mantle

Do they even have mantles anymore ?

I am the cream in your cofee unless you take it black

I am the annoying answering machine that goes off

When a bill collector calls

Every hour on the hour from morning to night

You can feel me in the early morning rain or a cold winter night

Most of the time I am invisible to the naked eye

You can ignore me like the plague

Do they have plagues anymore

I am over worked and never paid

Because I am a writer paying his dues

I don't have a union

I don't have a sponsor

I have a will and a car and I am a blood donor

I have a computer that is older than the sun

It freezes up like the ice age every other day

I have learned to laugh my troubes away

Every time I try to make more money becomes a joke

If I was a comedian I would have plenty of punch lines

Maybe I am in the wrong profession

All these years I was a cook

My mind wanders off to no mans land and sees adventure at every turn

Oh that smarts that is one more burn

I think when I am asleep

I think twice as hard when I am awake

I will write down only half that I know

Since everything I think about is way too much

I have tons of notebooks and scrap pieces of paper to prove it

I live on love and thoughts of never ending excitement

My wife puts up with my endless shannanagans

I have a thought

I try to write it

I take a nap to try to capture it's essence

I think in my mind every way to make it happen

The little by little something special comes out

I write until my finger tips are numb from typing

I dream of the dragon fly

I can't think of the real word for a program where you talk and it writes what you think

The real world is so different to me

It is hostile and takes no for the only answer

It is relentless and wants nothing but headache and heartache

Enough !

I keep telling myself I had enough !

I want to stop writing but then before you know it I am writing another story

My thoughts come random and sometimes they gang up on me all at once

I try to slow them down and they laugh

Almost as much as my wife when I tell her I have to write instead of go to bed

I am one of the many who type away in the late night or early morning hours

Who am I kidding it is a full time job

You are on call 24/7

Seven days a week

When the moment strikes you spring into action like a super hero

If you wait to long you have one big zero

Once a thought leaves me it is like pouring a drink on the floor

You will never get back what you once had

You might clean up the mess and mybe you caught the glass before you lost it all

If your like me the floor remains sticky for weeks as a reminder I didn't do it right the first time

I should of stopped and gave it more thought

Well I don't know if I helped or hindered

I think I gave honest advice

So if you have the same thoughts as me

Please share I need all the help I can get

If you are cursed with the writers mind and spend way too much time on things no one sees or to many it just doesn't matter

You have the writers bug I like to call Bruno

He has only one thought on his mind

To haunt us till the day we die

I keep saying my best writing is coming

As long as I live one more day I still have time

I do the writers dance

I write whenever I get the chance


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      There are many dances to dance and many meals to be enjoyed and cherished.Why wait for the last dance?To enjoy life you have to see what you want.Strive for it.Believe in yourself.Follow your dream whereever it takes you.Find the good in the bad.Make the good the best you ever had.Friends are friends through life and then some.(lol)Old writings never disappear.They only become illegible to read after they fade with age and sunlight.Today is another great day.As always may life bring you all you ever dreamed and a whole lot more.

    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 5 years ago

      save the last dance for me...... please, but don't give up yet...... Wish you could cook me a meal, we coud sit and chat over some food.....