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How Brilliant

Updated on February 13, 2014

How Brilliant

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

How brilliant a star that transcends time,

its glorious light a flicker in a furtive moment.

Released in lost time before beginnings,

its shimmer a reminder of the eternal.

How small we are, how indolent our fleeting gaze,

upon a life in repose, caught in a snapshot of existence.

What life has come and gone within its breath,

a million sighs, no thoughts denied, enacted life.

Lost am I in perceptions of a dark night sky,

delivering inspiration and the significance of life.

However removed from appearance, we can but consider,

the breadth of being within our eyes.

I am overwhelmed by the perfection of understanding,

this grand scheme of life presented before me.

It’s echoes reverberating in the vast silence of eternity,

finding meaning in a tiny awareness such as mine.

Thankful I am for this speck of insight,

this revelation of eternal surrender.

These eyes that follow me are the refection of beginnings,

the knowledge sure that we are not alone.


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