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How Can I Break Through Writers' Block

Updated on October 15, 2017
Is Writers' Block Ruining Your Day?
Is Writers' Block Ruining Your Day?
Quality Content
Quality Content
Social Media
Social Media
Find a Quiet Time
Find a Quiet Time
Today's Readers are Tomorrow's Leaders
Today's Readers are Tomorrow's Leaders

What Can You Do To Break Through Writers Block?

Have you ever sat down to write out a letter or document and just kind of drew a blank and became dumbfounded and unable to even come up with the first couple of sentences? Yes I've been there many times and I think that it's partially due to our personality type that can be a benefit to us or we may struggle to express ourselves through speaking or writing.

And if I had a shy, timid personality and added a little stress to that I might not know what to think or say right? From what I've experienced a confident outspoken person is rarely at a loss for words and might even thrive under pressure. Another thing I've noticed is that both personality types at various times run into the wall called writers block.

If you are a writer then you need to be a finisher of articles, posts and blogs and not get delayed trying to find the words. So what can you do to break through writers block? It doesn't have to be a problem if you can remember a few tips that will turn writers block into a pebble in the road.

I'll Tell You How I Deal With It

You really need to define in your own mind who is your audience or target group and within what particular niche. This is probably the most important thing to remind yourself before beginning to write anything. see yourself sitting down or standing and explaining to a friend or small group and start writing and don't stop to edit until later but get all of your ideas written out.

Now you have something to work with and can build and add onto that content and rearrange it and put your article together like a puzzle. You absolutely must know exactly who you're speaking to and address their needs or run the risk of having them click off of your website and onto someone else's.

If you're writing to an experienced group speak or write to them in language that they can relate to and not as though they are newbies and need to spend as much time on basics for example. On the other hand if you're writing or talking to newbies you'll lose their attention and only confuse your audience if you speak above their level of understanding.

Check Your Comments Regularly

The search engines keep a close watch on their searchers experience and want them to find what they're looking for and to have an enjoyable experience and return to search again and again. If you leave the comments and questions unattended the search engines will notice it and that will affect your sites ratings.

Find Inspiration On Social Media

In case you didn't know it Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc are great places that you can find inspiration when you need it to overcome a writers block attack. Simply enter your keyword or interest into the social medias search bar and find the group or niche of those that you can connect to and who will be reading your article or post.

Ask Questions

Have you ever considered getting content ideas for your website or another by taking an occasional survey or poll? You can ask a relevant question about what their challenges are or what they would like more training on. Encourage their participation ask for their questions.

You Need To Find Your Quiet Time

A real must is to have a place where you can concentrate, somewhere without distractions where you can shut off the phone and the world and focus on producing quality content for 4-6 hours a day or adjust according to your schedule and pace.

Many love to write early in the day and others later and some find their most productive time in the late night, early morning hours. Do whatever works best for you and try to keep somewhat of a daily schedule.

You Can Re-Write Your Old Content

Every once in a while I think it's a great idea to go over all of your content, posts and pages and even other relevant material found online and piece the info together into a new article, adding new updated thoughts and information and maybe weeding out some things too. You can improve what was done a while ago and improve it and recreate a better article without having problems struggling with writers block.

>>>Important note: The search engines will penalize your websites rankings if you have copied or duplicate content from another site even if it's your own. They want their searching customers to have a positive experience with their search engine and not receive duplicated content copied and pasted or just copied word for word from one site to another. Your page content must be original and freshly written prior to publishing. <<<

Read Something Relevant Daily

Did you know that when you read some relevant info on a daily basis, things like articles, lessons, tutorial videos, post, forums or other, you're training yourself mentally to focus for periods of time on the subject and that will increase your knowledge and understanding levels. As you do this your subconscious awareness will become more creative and you'll run into writers block less and less.

So Now You Have Some Sure Fire Ways To Crush Writers Block

In Conclusion

Find your quiet time and place and before you go there spend time throughout the day thinking about your project. get yourself in a creative mood and perhaps set some music to motivate you and raise your bodies positive vibration.

Then sit and just start writing down ideas and sentences not being concerned with spelling or punctuation. Write as much as you can and then stop and start organizing you're thoughts and as you go more will come to mind.

Many times a great article will take more than one sitting so don't rush yourself. Once you get all of your info and thoughts organized and your article has taken shape you start from the top and re-write the whole thing in fresh new text.

I greatly encourage you to memorize at least a few of these remedies for writers block and make it a thing of the past, no longer relevant to your writing. You should now be able to employ one of these methods if need be and break thru and crush writers block.

This way your valuable time is not wasted searching for a cure for that huge writers block hindering you and now you can be more productive, finish projects without delays and grow and prosper as a writer.

Pay attention to your habits and discipline yourself to focus on the task at hand and not let our minds wander but allow them to grow in creativity and produce fine written content for years to come.

If you have anything to add that will help overcome writers block please feel free to leave a comment. I thank you.

© 2017 Peter Mangini


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