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The 4 Major Ways that Christine the Movie Is A Reality

Updated on May 25, 2016

Christine is a movie about a young guy who gets a car that is possessed. The young boy Arnold, "Arnie," is infatuated by this car, and they wreak havoc in several lives, including Arnie's.

This movie is deemed a horror as well it should be. Especially when you think about friends and that fact that one goes nuts for a mound of gassed up metal.

What I am pointing out is with this mini-article or hub is that Christine is the norm.

Maybe some today also. Young guys today are just different.

But back in the 50's all the way to the year 2000, young guys were just like little Arnie in the movie.


I. Dudes Change When They Get a Vehicle

If a guy liked a car, they would nearly give up a limb to get that car. And no sooner than they got their most sought after ride, magically they smoke, they drink, they are unafraid of anything, they party all night, and they have a bolder personality and attitude towards women.

Their pride is blasting through the sky into another dimension and aliens are wondering what that ominous glow is in their kingdom. All of them always change into a new person.

This change could be good or bad. In Arnie's case in the movie it was bad. And this was almost all boys and guys back during that era, even some today.


II.. The Car Really Replaces the Girl

Arnie's girlfriend, Leigh, told Arnie in the movie, "you care more about that car than you do about me."


The vehicle is a guy's literal million-dollar make-over in high school and after they get a high paying job. A dude's pride, feelings, and testosterones are in the hunks of metal they call their vehicle.

In reality, the average vehicle does not try to choke a girl to death like what Christine did to Leigh in the movie; showing its power and lust for revenge. In all fairness, Leigh did hit Christine first.

In reality, a vehicle does not have to do anything but be a vehicle to have this power. They already have the power. Vehicles have power over all men through the pride they instill in them.


III... Possession by the Possession

In the movie, Arnie's car Christine was damaged by some jerks out of jealousy, or you know, because they were just being jerks. Arnie's car ultimately killed them through him. He was possessed with evil and rage in his and Christine's pursuit of revenge.

Come on now. Everyone knows that all guys become psychotically enraged when a someone busts up their ride. Guys will cut, shoot, kick-box, drop-kick, or break an entire tree-trunk over somebody who damages their vehicles. With some, you don't even have to do anything but smudge it and they are ready to have you sent to prison.

So yeah, dudes turn into or become possessed by demons and go for blood when you touch or damage their property. Particularly, their ride.


IV.... Respect the Vehicle

Arnie's friend refers to Christine as junk once in the movie, then has to apologize to Christine, after which Arnie exclaimed, "good boy."

My truck has a name; Baby Blue. I call it Blue for short. I'm a female, and no, you cannot kick my truck. No, you cannot call Blue ugly and worthless. No, you cannot get in it and spill nacho cheese dip and soda all over my dashboard or drop potato chips and crumbs in my seats.

Most of you feel this way too. You feel a certain bond with all your stuff. You definitely feel it with your vehicle. It could be because it was your first vehicle, because you spent so much on it, you just love your vehicle, or something else.

Overall, it really doesn't matter why, it's yours, and you want your property to be respected or you will attempt to injure someone.

Last Note

I love the movie Christine. It is a great classic horror movie and brilliant story. It is frightening how a lot of guys are a lot like Arnie in this movie.

Girls are swift to say get rid of something or no more relationship too. 90% of the females on planet earth would be beating, clawing, kicking and trying to blow-up Christine after that choking incident. Some girls would be trying to do this just out of mere jealousy.

Overall, Arnie's behavior, with and over Christine is a norm in guys in high school and in many men in America. And one has to admit the story Christine, this idea, is truly brilliant and one of the reasons why Stephen King will always be a favorite author.


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    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 4 years ago from New York


      Times, they have changed, but a lot of "guys" seem to still have these obsessions with their cars... I guess it's probably in their DNA. Yes, Stephen King is truly a master of his trade and I'm not sure there will be another... I only hope he continues to create more magic before his final day comes.


    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      @Cantuhearmescream, glad you think it's awesome. It comes from more of a remembrance of how normal it was for guys to get so angry over their vehicles when I was growing up. Stephen King made it a hit, showing this truth in a different way. I always thought he was brilliant. I can imagine some teens are like this today also.

      Thanks for he V-up, TFR.

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 4 years ago from New York


      Finally, you've touched on a movie that doesn't hurt my feelings!!! :-) Just kidding, this movie is just simply disturbing anyway, and so I couldn't agree more with all your points! Is that not a little creepy that is is actually a little "normal" for American teens today? Eeeek!

      Up and awesome!