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How Did I Survive Childhood?

Updated on June 28, 2017
madison76 profile image

I am a husband, father, homeschool teacher and a learner. I have self-published a children's book "The Purple Monkey."


Crazy Things I Did as a Child!

When I was a child, I grew up with a great deal of freedom, as long as I stayed in my yard. That was not so difficult considering we had a lot of land and I could actually hide all day and not be found unless I wanted to. This freedom created a great deal of opportunity to be "creative." Here are some of the creative things I did as an older adolescent.:

  • I wanted a pool, but we could not afford one when I was young. I decided to take matters into my own hands. One Saturday I decided I would dig my own pool. I began very early in the morning and dug until later in the evening, stopping only for lunch and bathroom breaks. I dug a hole as deep as I was tall (probably about 4 feet at that time) and placed a black plastic liner into the hole. I filled placed bricks all the way around the liner to hold it into place and filled it with water. The liner did not completely reach the bottom of the hole, so when I jumped in, most of the bricks came smashing around me hitting me on the head . I ran crying to my dad and had to explain that I had spent the day digging. Needless to say after all the commotion was over, he expressed a severe disapproval of digging a huge hole in the yard.
  • On another occasion while my parents were out, I thought it would be neat if I could fly. I climbed up onto the roof of my home with a picnic umbrella. Not sure what I was thinking, but that thing was huge. I jumped off thinking it I would glide to the ground. Rather than glide, I flew to the ground at such a hurried pace, I was almost impaled by the umbrella's pole.
  • Another time I thought it would be neat to make a fire cracker, so I cut open a number of shotgun shells. I poured the gun powder into a cologne bottle and made a fuse. I lit the fuse but nothing happened. I then took a pump (lighting stick) and rammed it directly into the bottle and it exploded in my hands. Luckily I was not injured, but there were hundreds of little red dots all over my chest.
  • My brother and I made some homemade bow and arrows and my brother thought he was a ninja. He asked me to shoot one of the arrows at him. I did. When I shot the arrow, luckily it did not hit him, but unfortunately it went through the window in our garage.
  • Another time I was throwing knives into the garage wall, I missed and it went through another window in the garage. I was afraid my dad would see it and would not let me sign up for baseball, so I hid the hole. He discovered the hole about 3 weeks into the season and grounded me, but did not make me quit baseball.

Are Children Different Today?

Every time my children want to go outside by themselves, I think back to my childhood and the potential disasters that I created for myself. It makes it very difficult for me as a parent to allow them the freedom they desire. They want me to trust them, but I caught my son throwing a knife 2 days ago. Should I be worried? Today's world is considerably different than when I was a child. Are children different? No, I don't think so.


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    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 10 months ago from Pacific Northwest

      Oh Paul, you were a rascal. Your parents should be declared saints.

    • madison76 profile image

      Paul Madison 10 months ago from Gibsonton

      Why is fire so fascinating? Once I tried to toast some "toasted oats" with matches in our barn and caught it on fire. I guess it is amazing parents survived their children's childhood!!!

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 10 months ago from Pacific Northwest

      Hi Paul, I gave birth to four adventuresome boys. They tried to make a campfire in the back yard during a heatwave. The grass was so dry and brittle. I caught them while they were trying to light the fire.

      They constantly did daring and stupid things like most boys. I have one who is 40 now and he's still daring and wild. Glad you and your parents survived.