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How Did I get myself to write a Novel

Updated on June 30, 2010

In My childhood i used to write almost most of the time, but when i grow up a little i didn't like what i wrote and i couldn't write anymore for almost four year at least and that sucks for someone like me who loves to read much and dreams someday to be a writer (Novelist).

This year i found GTD and i started to know that writing sometimes isn't just about getting Inspiration but might be as well a habit! i forced myself to be writing -anything- for an hour every single was hard..i didn't have anything to write i started by typing some article from the newspaper and the feel of typing words made me wanna type my own words.

then after a month or so i has become a habit for me to write everyday..and i started a novel somewhere in February this year and with my one hour of writing everyday i finished it in's not a big novel it's almost 150 papers but it feels really good after finishing it..i really felt that i've done somthing.

i'm not welling to publish it or was the break bone which opened the door for me to write real novels deserve to be published,,wish me luck!

P.S : the picture on the right for the actress Marie Louis Parker..she has nothing to do with the Topic, but i was thinking about her much as i'm watching Weeds this times :D forgive my bad :)


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