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Prose & Poetry. Twaddle Of The Mind

Updated on September 17, 2016

From The Ashes An Empire

Now that I'm empty,
Now that you're gone.
You took it all from me,
left me with none.
Now it's over,
Now that you've won.
You go further,
Set fire to all I've done.

And as I rest by this fire,
thinking what my soul required,
no matter, I have retired him.
I will sleep more soundly,
And shed a tear for none.
I will go my own way,
worry for only one.

Out of these ashes
I will be reborn.
Upon this poor soul,
I will embrace Darkness's Empire
And seize the throne!

You left me nothing else!

I have my own justice!
I fulfill my glut-to-ny!
I have no worry for patience!
No need for jeal-ou-sy!
I offer no forgiveness!
Only feed my gree-dy needs!
I harbour my hatred!
Against you, my en-e-my!
You showed me no mercy!
Devoured in your fren-zy feed!
Taught me the notion
That I don't need anyone but me!

The Empire is rising!
The Empire of One.

Digital Extinction

Life is very common place.

Reach for the veil of mystic line,

The Generation moves forward yet, Falls further behind.

Everywhere I see heads hung low,

Moving without looking --

Speaking without vocals.

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the trouble

Blind to Nature's miraculous gift,

Cursing it with electric glow.

All they touch and all they see

Is nothing but digital copy of memory.

Heaven breathes a heavy sigh.

The trees move on the planet.

The grass sways in the fields.

The fish and beasts play their roles.

Organisms come and go.

Still the Generation seeks

Instant gratification and tweets.

Nature no longer holds allure.

Soon she will be gone, word in ruin.

Someday, someday you and I Will have a secret language. They will never know the codes we pass. All we'll have to do is write in cursive.

Chains In Flames

The stars are brilliant this time of night
And I wander these dimly
Lit streets in search of peace,
For, my Love,
The times are quite glorious.

To the ocean I go to say goodbye,
I am standing on the shore,
still waving long after
The ship has sailed.

There was a place
By the side of the shore,
Near where I grew up,
Where I would go to bury things,
Start anew.

I used to go there to say 'adieu'.
I was young and
Those I knew were few.

But I had hidden things there,
Things inside myself that
I dared not show and
In silence they hid.

Until they left me empty inside.

Leaving grime on my soul,
Scrubbing tears off with sand,
Endings I still cling to.

So, now to the ocean I go.

There was this one night,
Years back and I was having a spell
And just like now I stood waving
Long after the ship had set sail.

But I was younger then and easily fooled.

And the ocean, like the sky,
Was deep and blue.

So I took my shoes off
To let the water freeze my bones.
I waded until I could no longer feel
Then further I went til the cold
Stirred my soul.

And it was so cold
Too cold to swim but,
Still,I kept on walking til
The bottom of the sea was
All I'd ever be.

You see, I
Could no longer tell
The difference between
The ocean and
The lack of someone I love.

I had not yet learned
how the task of moving on
Is as necessary as air.
I did not know I needed
Someone to care.

And now I’m writing letters I will dare not send.

But there is one day every year or so
When the burden gets too heavy
and I collect my belongings and
Make my way to the ocean,

To say 'adieu'
To burn, drown,
Start anew.

It is quite wonderful
Setting fire to my chains
And flames on written words
As I stand there,
Starring deep into the inferno.

Until they are all gone.

Nothing left to hold me back.

Now I write another letter
That I will never dare send.
Collecting memories of loss
like chains wrapped around my brain.

So, if you see a fire
From the shore tonight
That means I am okay.

The Shine 'o the Star is quite glorious.
We could have been quite glorious.

The Others

Open your eyes
To the world of The Others
And see all which you don't understand.
You can't accept that what's happening
Is just a problem of individual suffering
Take off those blinders now and see
The world of The Others.

How is this no sin?
People are becoming just shadows.
Locked in a world that involves only them.
When The Others could use a hand,
Help them soon and you'll understand
Or you'll find that you're all alone in
The realm of the shadows.

We stand on the edge of the night.
Light is being consumed by Darkness
Casting is crowl over all the good we've done
Look to The Others suffering to find release.
Bring them joy and they'll give you peace.
Feel the new winds of change
Carry off the wings of the night.

As the daylight is coming
On the streets with the speechless parade
Looking down upon the grey ground
Simply look up and so will The Others frown
A simple smile could save them now
At the end of the day.

No more closing your eyes.
To the hurt and the hollowed
All they need are mere encouraging words
You could find this notion rather strange
Mesmerised as you see the Flame
The joy you can bring to the pain in
The world of The Others.

Open your eyes
To the real world that needs you
To undo the darkness that we have done
Just a world for us all to share
It's not enough just to post you care
Is this just my foolish dream that
There'll be no more The Others

Wrongly Correct


It goes as stray

Somewhere other than my brain.

See it, can't let go,

Winds are blowing and my soul feels old.

I'm sure by now you think I'm wrong.

So unsure you run and now you're gone.


in my life,

Gravity unhinges and time ticks by.

Sugar, colourless tastes,

Sweet dreams have never touched this place.

Now I'm sure you've gone to run!

So I turn and reach for something…

Strong! Strong! Strong!

I've never felt like this in the Long Run.

(Wrong! So, Wrong)

Did you think that your early landing put you On the ground?

Do you think you'll find the love of another

Like we found?

Don't tell me it's sent from above that

Nothing lasts forever!

Everything comes undone.


As you are

Seems so strange for you to go so far.

See, my tortured mind

Thoughts and clocks unwinding in decline

So, by now I bet you're long gone!

To be sure I reach for something…

Strong! Strong! Strong!

I haven't felt like this in so long.

(Wrong! So Wrong!)

Did you think that your happy ending would

Put you on the ground?

And do you think that the love of another is

Like the one we found?

Don't you tell me it's sent from above and

That nothing lasts forever!

Something's gotta turn out right.


Is where I

Watch our individuality shrink and stow

In we are like everyone else

That and being nobody, sit on the same shelf.

And for sure you turn to run.

I know you think I've come undone.


Don't have to act so frightened!


I'm becoming quite enlightened!




I've never felt such a feeling of freedom

(Indeed correct and true!)

I'm hoping your crash landing served to help

Open your mind to find and construe

That our love was once sent from above,

That it could have lasted forever!

Everything will be alright.

© 2016 Adam Stier


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    • PoeticApparatus profile image

      Marie Allred 

      8 months ago from Missouri City

      These are all great, and if I have to pick a favorite line it would definitely be the very last. "It will be alright."


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