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How Free is Freedom...

Updated on June 18, 2013
Freedom from thedot_ru Source:
Freedom from thedot_ru Source:
Behind bars from Katie Rowe Photography Source:
Behind bars from Katie Rowe Photography Source:
Wall from julieu Source:
Wall from julieu Source:

How Free is Freedom...

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

How free is freedom,

when its walls are fashioned by oppression,

when its utterance is mouthed by rule,

and instilled by belief.

How free are we,

who know only the walls of containment,

the limitations given as understanding,

and the conformity of acceptance.

How free are those condemning,

who know only the aspirations of power,

who relish each morsel of suffering at their own hands,

each step toward the delusion of greatness.

How free are those who witness,

and do nothing, of fear in their own cage,

powerless in their acceptance of oppression,

and weak in their understanding of right.

How free we are is bound by us,

each one of us a blueprint of personal containment,

the bars fashioned of cold hard fear,

and the limitations of our own creation.

How free we are depends on change,

the ability to relinquish what we understand as walls,

and transform them into doors,

doors that lead to limitless opportunity.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Glad you found it so FR. Thanks again for dropping by. Always a pleasure.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Very profound poem here. Love that last part about the walls. Excellent and thought-provoking.

      Voted up +++ and sharing

      God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper