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How I Began Writing Urban Lifestyle Poetry

Updated on March 21, 2015

Without PASSION, you don't have ENERGY, without ENERGY, you have NOTHING.

— Donald Trump

A Brooklyn Project

First Book
First Book | Source

How I began...

How I began Writing Urban Poetry
I believe we all have a sixth sense and not the traditional five. The sixth sense being common sense. I will explain later in the following paragraphs. It was not an easy road but one which came through difficult times as a youth. You see, I grew up in an urban neighborhood. My standards were very high because of my parents. Morale was very low because the need for more is always a factor in urban style living. We had terrific schools, books and some of the finest teachers. Our teachers were not the usual nine to five teachers, but the kind that truly took an interest in their student’s education. Sometimes they would come to our house. These were unusual and very different times, in comparison today. With that being said, I loved school. School, the books and the teachers were like another world. I could escape into without a care in the world. I literally could go to foreign countries, learn a new skill, speak other languages and write about it with confidence.

I began writing my first poem. It was titled “Poetry Is”. The title was difficult because it was, Poetry is Love, Poetry is Song, etcetera. After allowing family members to read it, my cousin said, “there is so much in this poem about what poetry is.” The title was born. I love poetry that rhymes. I love free verse too but being able to find the exact words, tell a story and have them rhyme gave an imaginary beat to the words. It was like lyrics to a song. I noticed the difference in the voice of the books I read. Old English tragedies always put me to sleep. I had to wake up, continuing reading without any sign of hope toward the ending. Fairy tales are exciting and the imaginary characters made you feel hopeful. You always had to choose the side of good because the villains seem to come to ruin. Business books, well, you know, it’s just business as usual. Then my aunt introduced me to African American books. My mind came alive. The African American books did not begin with, “Once upon a time..., or in the cold winter of 1842...”, nor did they rhyme. The opening words were, “Aunt Moochie sat in her rocker. I sat on a pail beside her”. It seemed so natural, ordinary and profoundly rhythmic. Mostly, it was familiar and yet my curiosity had me yearning for more. Who in the world was Aunt Moochie? How did she get that name? Why is the child sitting on a pail? How did I know it was a child? In the distance, I could hear my own aunt calling to me. She yelled, “KimmiKins”. I laughed to myself, with such joy because apparently had a nickname too. I finally found my literary voice.

The first book I wrote didn’t require much research. It was about the neighborhood I lived in as a child. I titled it, A Brooklyn Project. It’s was my first literary creation. I had been writing the book for years but never published it until a few years ago. The memories of living there made it easy to produce, coupled with some old poems I had locked away. I updated a few words, adding touch ups here and there. Somehow, I was able to leave most of the humor, stories and/or accounts intact. The poetic books I write are fictional because of a few tall tales giving them some flavor. However, the stories are very true to life. I write them because people and events in urban neighborhoods have flavor. If I ever get writers block all I have to do is go to your hood, my hood, or even a party in the hood. Trust me! Something is bound to happen worth it’s weight in pages. I didn’t mention, “A Brooklyn Project” first because it was an easy write. I recalled everything from memory. The title Old Timer’s Everywhere, required a little research. I had to interview old folks in nursing homes, private homes, on the bench, in the neighborhood and anywhere the geriatric congregates. You should do the same if you are in unfamiliar literary territory.

In the beginning, I mentioned having a sixth sense. No one can tell you what you should write. All of the material you need is on the inside of you. Day by day we go about our daily lives. All of us have a story to tell. I believe the Lord thy God did not give us a bad life nor did he give us a good life. He just gave us life and it’s up to us to choose. Decide what you wish to write about. It’s just that simple. The sixth sense, I believe is common sense. It’s an ability we all have. We basically put all of our five senses together and this becomes an unstoppable force of nature that allows us to know. If you are still clueless then you should consider reading the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. We are truly remarkable in nature. We are the only living things on this planet that know someday we will expire. Other species just simply expire. Not knowing exactly when but just knowing gives us enough necessary reasoning to prepare. Whether it means having a beneficiary, taking that beautiful vacation, having a child or writing a book to let others know, we was here. What voice do you want to give your work? How many books do you want to write? Where do you want the story to lead you? Why do you want to write? Who do you want to write about? When do you want to get started? Now that you have the who, why, what, where, how and when, Answer!

Middle Age Madness

Second edition in The Generation Series. Available March 2015
Second edition in The Generation Series. Available March 2015 | Source

Penamon Perks®

About the Author:

The name Penamon is French. Don't ask! She will tell you she's from Brooklyn, NY. Mother was of West Indian descent (Barbados) and father; a southern man from Oxford, Mississippi. The High School of Art & Design, West Beth, and The School of Visual Arts are where her creative inspiration and talents was nurtured. She moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1999. She's a Humanitarian, Author, Artist, Homemaker, Publisher, and Entrepreneur who loves God, Sports and Education. When you meet her she is a sort of an enigma.

As an Urban Lifestyle Poet, her books can be found on Amazon, the Kindle Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, worldwide bookstores online and this website. These adult poetry books are fictional with a flare of truth. Definitely, not for minors because of their story content. The illustrations in the books are quality stock photos from, Ari Burling Photography and the Author. These books are what she calls a new genre of poetry. This is why she calls them "urban lifestyle poetry", which highlights people and events in urban neighborhoods. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as she enjoyed writing them.

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