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How I Fall

Updated on October 16, 2013
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We All Fall Down from Jeremiah Morris
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How I Fall

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

I thrive on the fallacies of life,

the pre-judgements made by ignorance,

and then the inevitable fall from grace,

and the forced introspection as a consequence.

I do this as experience is our greatest teacher,

our most profound tool of learning,

the sting of wrong the attention getting

that a blind soul requires.

Yet, often times the sting is more than hurt,

the fall felt deeply at the core,

and I find myself wondering the worth of such recompense,

and if indeed the lesson was of necessary value.

In life there is choice,

and we the captain of our vessel, responsible,

therefore what ensues is by no other hands but ours,

and in that I must take solace, regardless of regret.

I deduce that I am a stubborn soul,

having to fall so often in order to learn,

and even though I know why, I continue to fall regardless,

giving credence to 'a little knowledge is dangerous'.

Perhaps being on the back foot is the result of my awareness,

life finding its own competitive nature,

and I at logger heads with myself, contending,

God no doubt maintaining his sense of humor.

Regardless of my viewpoint, I will probably continue to fall,

as this is what I do best, know better, but do best,

and in my malaise I do get to understand a thing or two,

and that is one reason I choose to write.

It's simple; you cant get up if you haven't fallen. Some people sit their whole lives out, but it is the falling and getting up that is the making of us.


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