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How I discovered the writer within me - Naked Writing

Updated on September 10, 2014

When my dad was brutally murdered some years back when I was about to sit for my third year final exam in Vudal University, I had no one to turn to for emotional and psychological support in that strange land call East New Britain.

All of a sudden I realized that all my friends couldn’t fill the emptiness that was created. The pain, the anger and regret that swept me like the raging tongues of hell fire, left me traumatized and lifeless.

Even the beautiful girl I dated that time appeared to me a ghostly invisible figure, draped in a brutal fog of confusion.

I crawled into my own shell. The true self, my inner being; and that is where I discovered my writing self. People ask me why I changed from being a agriculturist to a writer, journalist and author. And the answer is quit deep. I just don’t try to explain.

Some things are better kept unsaid and I call them mysteries of the mind. I just switched and that’s just as profound as my personal philosophy.

I also learnt the art of expressing my dreams. I have turned that art into business. I write so passionately and the secret is, that I write from my heart and that is something that only my heart defines.

Call it NAKED writing. Write without structure. Just write from your heart. People love to know what you have as a person and they want to relate to the emotions you bring into your writing. They want to smile, cry, laugh and hug. I love to give that all to my readers.

Unplugged writing
Unplugged writing

How I discovered the writer within me

I know after reading this far, you may be asking. “So how did you do it?

I wish I have that magic formula to give you. Unfortunately I have none. Fortunately, I have the practical experience. I have live through the episode. You can learn from my experience and that is one good thing about being successful in life. When it comes to success, you can easily duplicate the success steps of others and make it your own. And if you just follow the success principles, you are certain to be successful. Even if you didn’t, you would have at least achieved something or the experience will lead you to your destined future where you also become successful in what you set out to achieve.

Search within

The true you is in you. Not in a textbook or in your dad or your mum. I never knew I could write until I look within. Find quit time and be alone and let your mind wonder expectantly. Listen to the tiny inner voice that is calling within. It’s not only in writing. It applied to every aspect of human life.

Start writing from within

You will realize that there are times and certain moments that allows you to write with ease. Your creative juice starts flowing. Find these times, places and moments and make your writing enjoyable. Don’t force yourself to write. It will never work.

Write like the way you speak

When I started my young writing career, I tried to follow all the rigid western writing structures thought in school. I read all books I can land my hand on language and literature. The more I learnt, the more confused I became and the more I alienated myself from my readers.

“You have to write like you speak” Mr Kamene from University of Papua New Guinea, told me.

“Forget about those structures. Break the rules. Write” He ordered me.

I did and that’s when I took off. My creative juice started flowing and I eventually got to publish my first book and I have many more coming.


What did I just shared is from my heart. Written unplugged. No string attached. Hope this little piece helps you find the write within you. If this hub motivates you, check out my other money making hubs below to find out where you can turn your passion into money.

© 2014 Ian D Hetri


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    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 3 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Thanks sharag63. Appreciate your kind words here. Cheers

    • shara63 profile image

      Farhat 3 years ago from Delhi

      Wonderful hub ...all loss and negatives used positively and the result ..a brilliant writer born....hats off Ian Dabasori Hetr.