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How I write, what I write?

Updated on April 20, 2016


I write mostly from promptings and inspirations!

Though I post most of my pages, based on promptings and inspirations, sometimes, the ego raises its ugly head to claim it as ‘my post’. Since, I never plan to post any articles after conceiving it in my mind and it happens ‘impromptu’, I feel guilty whenever I develop the ego, that this is my work.

I can narrate the benefits of posting articles without any preplan. First, the mind is as blank as the white document page in the monitor. Within a few seconds and in some rare cases, a few minutes later, some phrase form and I simply type it. Most of the time, the typing will be continuous till a Para is complete. Sometimes, the entire post takes me around 30 to 40 minutes. This is the benefit of writing from the inspirations and promptings. No doubt, some minor error may erupt due to typing, I get it rectified with spell check function.

If I use my mind to think the topic and the contents, I may not complete a post even if I work for a complete day. This mental dictation which flows freely as long as I am focused on typing is really inexplicable. So far, my hub pages contain around 750 posts with some fifty or odd articles featured.

The readers may like to note that I have not claimed a single penny from hub pages for all my posts (ad revenue) and I allow advertisements to exhibit in my pages without any restrictions too. This is what happened all the four years in this forum. There are certain reasons. First of all, I could not get registered in Pay Pal. (though I attempted twice but failed). Since I am from India, I could not comply with the elaborate procedures. Though I registered with ’ad sense’, one fine morning my account was deleted by them after I earned above 100 dollars. The reasons given by them seem flimsy and hence I forgot the earning part.

The main point for continuing in this site is, “I find a platform to put forth philosophical and spiritual topics, which well up within my conscious. Of course, I had a fine background for assimilating nice philosophies found in both East and West. I started reading philosophical books from the age of sixteen and stored it in my heart. May be that is the reason that they flow freely now when I post.

In a philosophical point of view also, I have no inclination to earn from the posts at this ripe age of 72, when I am already blessed with a good pension, a small flat in metro (Chennai) and no further responsibilities of family, since all the needs are met with my pension. I am glad that such ancient philosophical truths could be shared in this platform. As I am mostly interested in incarnations, prophets, sages and saints of ancient India as well as from the West, I pour my heartfelt feelings while I post them. Thus some of my post contains references to Jesus and teachings from Bible. I have deep faith that all the fleeting pleasures of this transient world are worthless, when compared to the contemplation of God within each one of us.

It is a pity that we all believe in the tabernacle called ‘body’ and try to keep it in comforts for ever. Alas! It is like a boat to cross the deep ocean of mundane existence. If it develops holes in the middle, due to our over indulgence in pleasures, we will drown mid ocean. Hence maintain this body till Divine insight is gained. A traveler on horse back maintains the horse by feeding it at intervals waters it and cleans it till the destination is reached. But our position is sad. We pamper the body in all comforts and we want to keep it always in luxury.

This body is valuable as long as the life dwells in it. The moment, life ebbs away, the body is cast away in fire or buried as per the different customs. Hence we can give only that much value as the traveler maintains the horse!

Automatic writing...


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