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How Life In George Orwell's 1984 Is Impossible?

Updated on July 30, 2015

The life of an individual in Oceania is controlled, manipulated, reshaped and almost made impossible. The individual does not enjoy personal freedom to do whatever pleases him, or whatever he agrees and defines himself with. There is no notion of the self, and the only being which exists is that which the Party allows, or that which is incarnated in its principles and ideologies. Through ideologies, and techniques of propaganda, the Party manages to inject in its subjects one archetype of being that all citizens must fit in. This makes life in Oceania impossible since no individual can or should live according to himself, with accordance with his own beliefs or ideologies. Notions like freedom, human inalienable rights are taken away and replaced by ideologies that attempt to reinforce the Party’s control and hegemony. It is impossible to live since the mere fact of enjoying a personal healthy habit like that of writing on a diary could send you to a Ministry of Love, the ministry of which love is unlike the love that makes the world possible to live in. Individuals are not free to enjoy their basic rights, and they are forced instead to adapt to one sort of being that is designed to be subservient and obedient. All the ideologies that the Party propagates endeavor to enslave, enchain and make life outside the box designed for it completely impossible and unallowable. It is only the life of the Party which matters after all; its thoughts, ideologies, tenets are the only intellectual productions allowed in Oceania. People cannot live; they can be alive, just like animals are alive, but they cannot be living, making their own choices and deciding upon their fate, beliefs, ideologies and free will. You are not allowed to think, or to memorize, and the only thing made accessible to you is the Party’s lies and mystifying propaganda.


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    • miscellanea profile image

      Tarik Aarbaoui 2 years ago from Morocco

      Thank you for stopping by :) It's one of the great books ever

    • Jonas Rodrigo profile image

      Jonas Rodrigo 2 years ago

      Great insight about the world of 1984. It was a great dystopian book.