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How to make watercolor monsters, just like the ones in, "Monsters by the Number"

Updated on November 24, 2014

I created these wonderful monsters through a watercolor exercise I was doing with my daughter. I loved them so much that I couldn’t stop making monsters! I knew that I had to put them into a book. And since we had recently made an ABC book the next step was a number book.I really wanted to make a number book that went all the way to fifty, but I couldn’t fit all the monsters onto one page. The result was a number book that went to ten, and a number chart at the end that went all the way up to fifty.

I would like to share with you the exercise that got me so hooked in making unique and wonderfully-beautiful monsters.

You will need:

Watercolor paint

Watercolor paper


Acrylic painting pens (or anything you can use for the eyes.)

First: Make yourself a watercolor puddle on the page. I would use light colors, because they always end up mixing and creating darker colors in the end. But of course try different things and enjoy the process.

Next: Move your paper around, letting the watercolor puddle drip and move across the page of its own free will. Once you have a mess you’ve done what you’ve intended.

Next: Add another watercolor puddle to the page. The intention is to mix colors. This is what makes your monster looking so cool in the end. Careful, it tends to get messy once you’ve got more than one puddle to watch for.

Next: Move your paper around making sure to allow the watercolor puddle to disperse and create new dimensions on the page.

  • Keep adding watercolor puddles to your page and then, moving the paper around until you’ve got a full page of watercolors formed. It’s hard, but don’t judge your watercolor until it has been laid to dry. You will have a whole new outlook, trust me.

Next: Once you have a dried watercolor start looking for different shapes and monsters. If you want to, you can draw out the monster with a pencil or pen. Or you can just cut it out with scissors. I tend to just cut it out, because I don’t like the pencil marks on my now perfect monster, but I’ll let you make the choice.

Next: Once you have a monster drawn out or cut you can start adding eyes, cheeks, hair, whatever you want! It’s your monster.

Here are just a few monsters I was introduced to while using the same technique I've just shown to you. As I mentioned earlier I wish I could have included all of them. For the sake of this number book I was only able to use ten, but they are some of my favorites. I hope you like them too. And I hope you have a little one who can learn their numbers and enjoy them along with you. Thank you so much!


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