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How Many Times Can I Be Wrong ?

Updated on June 16, 2011

Many... But They Never Equal The Times I Have Been Right

So let's move on

We know how to pick ourselves up and start again

Why all the complaining ?

Just do it and don't give it another thought

You get played

Like a bad hand in poker and somebody knows your bluffing

You tipped your hand

Now you can't come back

No matter how hard you try

Why go that way

Be confident and reassure yourself you can do this

If we look at anything out of proportion it looks distorted

Your judgement is clouded and your view is wrong

You have to get back in the game and I mean now

The longer you wait the harder it is going to be

I call life a game because that's what it is

We are all game pieces shuffled around

We make mistakes often and our pieces get taken away

But what makes this game different than chess or checkers or any number of video games which are all great games to play

When we do something right we don't get more lives or super powers different than the rest but we do get extra tools to make the game more interesting

Now we have to use those tools to survive or die

We have many choices and we may make the wrong ones over and over again

The death may be slow and take years

Your life may also be changed at anytime because you decided on a different path

Your whole life depends on what you do

There are surprises that are beyond your control

That can bring the game to an unexpected end

How do we live our lives and not see it ?

Why do we listen to others when they do not help us ?

Because it is the easy way out

When there is a choice we are all lazy

We want to make our life simple and take short cuts

If you don't believe me look around you

See all the inventions that have made our life easier than before

Even though we end up paying for it in the end

Like credit cards they tease you with the carrot in front of your face

Each time you come closer they take it away

You are so busy in your life you don't have time to see it

You follow the crowd then you drown slowly

You have been trapped and there is little chance of escape

The major companies have you just where they want you

You have on going expenses that keep coming in faster than you can realize

You have to break it down to the basics

If not you will have to learn the hard way

Well no matter what way you choose

The results will be plain to see

You may try not to see them

You can disguise them in all different ways

Now it is time to see the real truth

We have to find a way to do something better than you have ever done in the past

It is not easy but it is not impossible either

Time to put on our game face and play our hearts out

First stop listening to family, friends and the news if they don't help you they hurt you

That is the truth why would I lie

Even if the intention is not there but the end result is the same

Break away

Do your own thing

Take time to discover your own self

Find your interests and desires and it is time to move forward

Take the first step and let other people pass on by

They are not you and you are not them

Be who you want to be and don't let anyone stop your own success

It is what drives you

It is what gives you the greatest purpose in life

Time to take action

Write it and then follow your plan

Look at it often and stick to it

This is nothing new to you

The only thing standing in your way is your attitude

You have been defeated before you get started

It is like making a puzzle with pieces missing

You don't know where to start and it doesn't make sense

You have caught the laziness of the mind

I call it the Zap bug

It takes all your thoughts and makes you crazy

It Zaps them one at a time

You hear them being zapped but you think you don't have to worry

Slowly over time it gets the best of you

Time to put the zap bug out of commision or at least slow it down

Take small steps for now and we will deal with the big issues later

If you like what you have read and believe in yourself let me know

Maybe we can find a way to zap life into us instead

Then we can shock the world like the Boston Bruins did in hockey winning the Stanley Cup


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Apostle Jack Many times I think I am ready but to my surprise I am not.I work on with complete focus and dedication and being true to myself making all my efforts worthwhile and enjoyable.Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago

      One step at a time.We are as efficient in doing whatever it is in this world that we want to we are ready and prepared to do so.