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How Miraculous

Updated on July 11, 2011

How Miraculous

By Tony DeLorger© 2011

How beautiful the crystal pool of purity within a baby’s eyes,

how clean the soul, untainted by life and the cruelty of the world.

If only there was a way to shield and maintain perfection,

to preserve an angels sight in the mist of rampant humanity.

I hold dearly those first moments shared with my children,

that gaze of knowing and deep commitment without words.

To see such potential uncluttered and free,

alive with the power of the creative spark, seeking fulfilment.

I remember each second of touch, each moment of recognition,

as if it were yesterday, that secret world that consumed my every breath.

I recall the first reflection of myself within another,

my own life extended, duplicated but expanded beyond potential.

How miraculous the ecstasy of love’s endless capacity,

multiplied over and over, each child a new facet of the eternal.

How perfect my own purpose, beyond all else, a custodian of love,

a nurturer of life yet lived and a guiding hand to a blissful life.

How miraculous those deep pools remain within men,

now with their own children, discovering the miracle firsthand.

How blessed they are to be unscathed, nor embittered by life’s course,

finding the beauty in possibility and the purpose in love.

How proud can a father be?


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