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Article Writing-How Music Can Increase Your Productivity

Updated on December 26, 2013

One of the reasons why you never get tired of playing your favorite video game is the background music. It prevents the game play from being boring and carries you along that you sometimes do not even notice the time passing when playing the video game. The movie makers use a similar same concept. Movies apparently would have been very boring without music. The music in the movie keeps you glued for hours to the story. Music takes away the boredom and stress that builds up in sitting and thinking for long hours. In fact, the music in a particular video game or movie can make it your favorite.

Using a music as a relaxation tool can help to make the writing more interesting hence increasing your productivity. In fact, it is a better virtual relaxation tool for writers as opposed to playing a video game or watching a movie on the same computer that you use for your work or projects.

Below are discussions on how music can increase your productivity in writing.

Music Prevents Boredom

Music can make writing interesting. When you use music, it helps you to forget about the long hours you spend behind the project. The time becomes short. It can make writing fun and exciting as if playing a game on your computer. Music has the ability of stealing time. You do not notice whiles time passes. It makes you productive.

It is not possible to merge work and leisure with a computer game. It is only when using music that you can combine work and leisure. For relaxation activities, a computer game is more likely to steal your productive time or to hook you on than music can.

The music makes you not feel lonely and bored. Using the appropriate music, you can create an appropriate theme fit for your topic. This can help you to build the specific writing tone for your topic.

Using music to write takes your off environmental distractions and makes you focused on what you are doing. Trains the mind to focus on what you are doing at any particular moment.

Your favorite music can make you feel alive and put you in the mood and encouragement to write.

The music helps you forget about the whole world. It has the ability of lifting your spirits up. You can breakfree from distractions or attention stealers in your environment in order to gain much focus on the work.

Using music to write helps you to be consistent on your subject or your topic or even on the particular project. Sometimes when writing or the work becomes boring, you may come up with an excuse to do something else that could rather sabotage your productivity. Music keeps you entertained as you write and therefore lets you spend more time on your tasks to explore them thoroughly and extensively.

You do not get bored from multi-tasking because (especially playing one music) unifies all the tasks you will need to do and you see them as doing one thing. Moreover, you do not get tired doing many things on the computer as the music keeps relaxing the mind as you work.

Normally we get to hate our jobs when they do not allow us to spend time with the things that we love doing most. Writing can be made more interesting if you can still gain the chance to listen to your favorite music. It makes you always want to work on your computer because you will get the opportunity to hear or listen to your favorite artistes. Music allows you to join your work to your hobby and make the work interesting.

Music Psyches up the mind and makes the brain continue to work properly

Music is good in helpingpsych up the mind.It also reminds you of the things and all the work that you have to do. With music, you can keep coming up with more ideas too. You work faster and become more productive because relaxes the mind as you write.

Churning out ideas can be stressful. As more ideas occur to you, it builds up more stress in your mind. Not to talk of the prolonged isolation that sometimes you would have to subject yourself to in order to connect to your true voice and self. The solitude alone increases or adds up to your stress energy.

As more stress continue to build up in your mind during the writing process, you will start to experience a writer’s block. It will make the brain tired. The stress that accumulates in the mind in the writing process eventually drains the mind of its energy and ability to think effectively.

Advice for Writers Using Music to Writer.

In order not to be distracted, when writing with music, you can either use music that you do not know the words or simply play music instrumentals. When you know the words to a particular music, it can distract you and confuse your writing tone. As you write, you would be singing the song in your head.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

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