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How My Dad Bought My Mother Chapter 6

Updated on August 22, 2013

Chapter 6 Following in Dad's Footsteps

I graduated high school as dad treated us to two weeks on a private island in the Bahamas. The whole family came including a few maids to help with the kids. We laughed and played in the sand and water. Everyone was jet skiing and scuba diving all around the island.

At one area of the island the women were either topless, wore micro bikinis or went full nude to do some sun tanning. Third day on the island dad found us relaxing in the sun. He couldn’t hide the bulge in his swim trucks nor the look on his face after seeing so many clean shavened women. Later on mamma gave dad a better view and feel of things to help him release his built-up problems.

Once home, mom and dad notify me that I would be attending Harvard University. Whether I wanted to go there or not didn’t matter. Dad has to live a certain way because he represents the image of his company. And seeing as I am his daughter I too had to follow in that lifestyle. But unlike what dad had to experience in his youth, I was given a bit of wiggle room.

I had many factors helping me get into Harvard. I was an honor student; I understood a lot of what I would be doing there. Dad was always talking about the place. He would also quiz me to see if I was paying attention. Checking how smart I was and what potential I had within me. He taught me a great deal of things. But overall it was dad’s checkbook and school connections that got me in.

Before the start of the semester I had my tour of the University as well as good-by parties from family and friends. Mom and grandma cried as if it was the end of the world; even dad shed a tear or two. And as the new semester started I was living on campus and making new friends. Life was difficult at first but eventually I adjusted. With technology the way it is today, I was always a text, phone and/or video phone call away. And mamma took full advantage of all of these options.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later dad called to ask a favor. He explained everything out to me in a way as to not upset me. It was my first clue that I was going to regret it. His best friend’s son was also attending Harvard and dad wanted me to go on a date with him. Just a simple dinner date with no strings attached. I was reluctant at first but dad gave me some advice as I finally agreed to do it.

Our dinner date was at one of the most expensive French restaurants in the Boston area. I played it safe and wore a pants suit, which later helped to protect my dignity. His name was Markus the third but to me he is Markus the turd. He wore an expensive suit with an attitude of a typical rich A-hole. I should have gone home and saved everyone the trouble. But I was doing this for dad.

He drowned the conversation of tales of how rich his family is while we waited for the food. Jabbering on about every party he attended and his elaborate plans for our future. I told him that this was simply a one-time dinner date and nothing more. This comment led to his acknowledgement of my existence. He proceeded to talk down to me. On how I didn’t know my place when it came to interrupting him. Strike one.

He offered to direct me to a school where I could learn to be more lady-like. Apparently he was offended that I thought he was somewhat of a bore. But he humored himself by asking what activities I am currently involved in. He had the look of a man who had just been sprayed in the nostrils by a skunk. He felt that a woman should not be driving military type vehicles, shooting guns or learning to protect themself. He advised me that cooking classes were more suited for me until it was time to start making babies. Strike two.

The food arrived and we began to dine. But this wonderful meal was spoiled by the sounds of Markus’s voice refusing to turn off. But through all that noise I did pick up many glimmers of knowledge. He was under the impression that we were to start dating and eventually marry; thereby uniting our companies. Totally opposite of what dad had informed me. I told him that I would never marry let alone date him. He promised to help change me, even though I was of the wrong social class and breed of woman for him. Strike three.

Remembering to keep my manners, no matter how hard I tried not to, I informed him that I was leaving. I stood up, as did he. But instead of trying to salvage our dinner date he began to openly berate me. Demanding that I sit down and behave like a good little girl is supposed to. I just looked at him and began laughing. He then grabbed my arm in a stupid attempt in forcing me to sit down. Unfortunately for him my martial arts lesson kicked in as I sent him crashing onto a now broken table.

The maître d' quickly came over as I had taken from my purse enough money to cover the meal and damages. As I was by now the center of attention I started to leave. Markus was able to stand up and began to confuse the opening of his mouth for his ass. For he proceeded to spew out from his head heavily racial slurs towards me that forced me to stop and face his sauce covered head.

Instinctively I gave him a quick one inch punch to his chest. He proceeded to fly back over one table and traveled onto another; landing face down onto a plate of Banana Foster as it was being flambé. As everyone was laughing I turned around and left the restaurant. I hailed a cab and return to my dorm. I texted mom of my worse date ever. Promising that I would go in more details later for I was tired and needed to calm down.

The next morning I awoke and was preparing to go to the football game. I received a text from grandma telling me to turn to a certain TV channel. To my horror I find that not only did I make the local news but the national news as well. For some reason there was video footage of me throwing Markus around like a rag doll. I felt so bad that mom and dad had to find out this way. And to make it worse everyone in my dorm was talking about it.

I quickly called home. Grandma answered in a way that I knew I was in trouble. She handed the phone over to mamma who proceeded to give me the third degree. I felt like I wanted to crawl under a rock and die. Mamma was yelling and I was crying. Dad took the phone and tried to calm both of us down. Putting the phone on speaker he tells me that I was a good girl. Mom on the other hand was prepared to spank the ever-loving out of me.

Dad explained everything about his bet with Markus the 2nd. This caused mamma to transfer her anger and rage towards him. It seems that Markus and dad made a bet on how well their kids would get along. Dad already knew that Markus 3rd was just like his father. So it was a safe bet that dad would win. What I didn’t count on was throwing Markus around the restaurant and making the news. And I didn’t know that dad had the whole place bugged.

Dad is one of the co-owners of the restaurant. And he made sure that every moment and video angle of that date was recording. The video footage then made its way to a local news station of which dad’s company owns. With everything edited down and a story created. The whole country was able to see just how disgusting Markus is and how dangerous I can be.

Mom kept dad in the dog house for a while. As for me, I became a celebrity on campus for a few weeks. I contacted my martial arts teacher to apologize but all he did was to keep thanking me over and over again. The news reports mentioned his school as to where I learned my martial arts skills. And that led to over twenty women joining his class. He did refer me to a local place where I could go during my free time to continue my training.

Mamma eventually gave birth to my new baby brother, Marco, named after my grandfather. I was busy with school and couldn’t be there. From the video dad was more in control of himself this time. Even though he still cried like a baby. Mamma stayed an extra day in the hospital due to a low iron count. And yet she still checked in on her patients.

The years flew by as I eventually earned a Master’s Degree towards Business. With dads OK I went to MIT to complete a two year MBA course. Many things had changed back home. Mom and dad have this scam thing going with all of dad’s business associates and customers. At least that’s what I call it. Mom calls it helping people to be treated for unknown health risk. Dad says it’s an excuse for mamma to gossip.

They would always throw really fancy parties all the time. Many of their guests and friends know that mom is a high level nurse; almost qualified to be a doctor. They would always go to her all the time for medical advice. This would lead new party guests into opening up about their medical questions. Mom would set up appointments for them at the hospital at no expense. Majority of the time this would win dad a few contracts and business dealings.

Mom and dad would learn a lot about the people they socialize with. One man did a DNA test on all of his kids to make sure they were his. One lady wanted an abortion from an affair she was having with her husband’s business partner. Another lady had hepatitis C and didn’t even know it. Another man was ready to sue mamma until his own doctor intervened. Mamma says that he had the look of death about him.

She went right up to him and in no time knew that he would have a heart attack at any moment. With his wife’s nagging him on, they went to the hospital to run a few tests. While this was going on, mamma asked his doctor to come to the hospital. The man thought he was being scammed and was on the phone with the police when his doctor showed up and proceeded to go over a few of the test results. Hours later he was in surgery having his nearly clogged arteries cleaned out.

The man would have died if it wasn’t for mom. And he showed his appreciation by signing long term contracts with dad’s company. Paying off these medical tests for their party guest was simple. If dad got a new customer, he would negotiate higher fees which would be used to pay the medical bills. If they didn’t sign with dad’s company, he would pay for it as a charity donation. Again I call it a scam that they still do to this day with great joy.

Grandma was even dating again. She met Robert, the father of one of dad’s executives during a company party. And according to mom, they practically live together. As for all my other siblings; multi-language kids wearing custom made clothing. Not only do they know how to sing Cielito Lindo but can tell you which fork to use with a salad.

But it was during my second year at MIT when mom became emotionally disturbed by something dad had done to her years earlier. One afternoon I received a call from her. She was crying so much that her Spanish and English were too difficult to understand. I then called dad who explained everything out to me. And by the sound of his voice he was scared to death at the thought of what mom was going to do to him.

When he first met mom at the hospital, he arranged for her to go to college so she could get her master’s degree to become a Nurse Practitioner. The contract she signed with the hospital was written by dad’s lawyers. In the contract, when mom graduated, she was then required to attend to dad’s medical needs for the remainder of his natural life. Making her an indentured servant to dad.

This came to light due to the numerous times mamma took medical leave due to her pregnancies. A lawyer with dads’ company, not realizing that she and dad were married, sent mom a letter stating she was in violation of her agreement by not obtaining permission from her employer for the requested time off. Instead of notifying dad about it, she contacted the lawyer. That is when she learned everything about the original contract she signed.

Dad got a real earful when mom confronted him about it that night. It took a few nights sleeping in separate rooms but eventually mom calmed down enough for dad to explain everything to her. In dad’s weird way of thinking, it was his attempt at being romantic. Even if they had never married, he wanted her in his life. He never intended to hold her to the contract nor was a by now unemployed lawyer supposed to contact her about it.

It took a while but mom ended up forgave dad. Although going into labor with twin girls Ava and Mia did help out a bit. Dad had a contractor add-on to the house. As if it wasn’t big enough. But mom and dad’s sex life wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down. For by the time I moved back home, the place was full of life. Kids noisily playing as everyone else, including my once again pregnant mother, was preparing for my homecoming party. But you could hear a pin drop as everyone noticed the person accompanying me home was my boyfriend.

© 2013 melmika


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