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How Newton Discovered Gravity Poem

Updated on May 3, 2011

How Newton Discovered Gravity

As I sit under the apple tree,
an apple falls on top of me.
I continue to read the book I see
when another apple falls on me.
I am now annoyed as I could be.
I pick up the apple by the tree,
and throw it in the air meters three!
That apple came back down on me,
when it finally dawned on me,
the reason for this is Gravity.

-Chris Hupp

-Background from the Author and Illustrator – So I took Landscape Architecture Hand Graphics class, and one of our first assignments was to use architectural letter and write a poem of x amount of characters. We were supposed to illustrate the poem that we chose or wrote our selves, and this was my creation. We were also supposed to have a quote that went along with the lot as well so mine was: What goes up must come down! -Blood Sweat and Tears =) (That is from that weird “what goes up must come down…ride a painted pony let the steering wheel dropehrpaog” – what ever he says at the end – song.)

Here are a few other poems:

The Kings Five Daughters
Long, Long Ago Far Above the sea
Lay a kingdom not that much larger than our part of the valley
It was beautiful and strong with buildings of marble
And a king with five daughters was at the head of its rule
It flourished and thrived under peaceful bliss
Never graced the earth a more happy and humble people than this.

A Series of Haikus
So I want to write
In haiku form my thoughts, feelings,
And emotions too.


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